DPC Committee illogically forwarded undeserving case

[ September 29, 2018 ] Promoted Informatics officer ignoring norms, other deserving candidates Statutory Rules and Orders (SRO) 43 which is also known as J&K Compassionate Appointment Rules, 1994 dated 22-2-1994 came into existence in J&K to provide Govt jobs to kith and kins of Govt employees who die on duty to allow the family members of deceased to live a decent life. But it has been observed that in some cases the Govt jobs to kith and kins were given against the set norms under the SRO 43. One such example is that one Ankush Kapoor S/o late Smt Sushma Kapoor R/o House No. 15, Bakshi Nagar who was appointed as Accounts Clerk in the pay scale of 4000-6000(Revised) in terms of SRO-43 OF 1994 by then Municipal Commissioner Kuldeep Khajuria with a condition that his appointment will be purely on temporary basis and his services will be regularized/confirmed subject to passing of Accountancy training from KSAS or other Govt recognized institution vide JMC Order No. 804 of 2013 dated 15-2-2013 issued under endorsement order MJ/Estt/8758-61 dated 15-2-2013. It deserves mentioning here that as per the rules laid down under SRO 43, kith and kins of Govt employees who died on duty were engaged on class IVth posts. The posts under SRO 43 were amended in 2014 whereby appointees under SRO 43 were given time period of five years to improve their qualifications and skills to qualify the posts under SRO 43 and the same posts were mandatory to be forwarded to General Administration department for logical proper adjustments. But in the above case, Ankush Kapoor was directly engaged as Accounts clerk when he was not eligible for that post as he had no such experience and training for the post. His Mother who was Khilafwarzi Inspector in JMC however using her influence while alive managed her son’s contractual appointment as computer operator in JMC when he was still studying computer education. JMC being very kind to Ankush Kapoor re-designated him as Informatics officer with pay scale 9300-34800 with grade pay 4600 in its own pay grade with a condition that his promotion case shall be put for up gradation to next higher grade before the DPC as and when the same is conducted for confirmation. However as per the letter written to Municipal Commissioner, by undersecretary to govt Housing and Urban development department vide No. HUD/LSG/JMC/46/2016 dated 11-5-2016 it was evident that the DPC cases with pay bond of Rs 9300-34800 with grade pay of Rs 4600 and above be furnished to the Administration department so that the DPC is convened at the earliest with the approval of Chairman of the Committee Viz Commissioner/Secretary Housing and Urban Development department which in other words proves that JMC was not competent to provide DPC promotions to Ankush Kapoor. However DPC conducted on 30-5-2016 under then Municipal Commissioner Mandeep Kour without following logic promoted Ankush Kapoor out of way and also General Administration Department also did not take any serious cognizance of this either which is highly questionable ignoring and sidelining other competent employees in the JMC whose qualification was deserving for the post given to Ankush Kapoor. JMC claiming that Ankush Kapoor is working as in charge computer centre from more than eight years and already looking after the e-governance activities of JMC vide order No. MJ/Estt/10762-65 dated 4-3-2016 whereas as per the JMC records there were no written proof that Ankush Kapoor actually worked in computer section of JMC for eight years. When the reality was that he got engaged in 2013 dated 15—2-2013 vide order No. No.MJ/Estt/8758-61 dated 15-2-2013 , it is strange on part of JMC how he was shown working as incharge computer centre from more than eight years which clearly points out that Ankush Kapoor was deliberately given undue favour for vested interests and as a result of which he got three promotions in one go within three years for which other govt employees have to give minimum twelve years . Moreover it is surprising to note that when Ankush Kapoor was engaged as Accounts clerk under SRO 43 with a condition that he will mandatorily undergo training for the post then why and how he was shifted in computer section. It deserves mentioning here that Kapoor who joined JMC as account clerk in 2013 reached gazetted post within three years which by any parameters beyond imagination as the same is not possible in family business also to reach that spot. Moreover it was also questionable on part of JMC to consider engagement of Ankush Kapoor under SRO 43 as he was already employee of JMC on contractual basis and giving benefits of SRO 43 to Ankush Kapoor was definitely injustice with the deserving candidates whose petitions are still under consideration for years together.