VC Pahari Advisory Board slams cowardice act of Pak forces

[ May 02, 2017 ] Vice Chairman Pahari Advisory Board(MOS) Kuldeep Raj Gupta held a press meet at Rajouri and severely criticised the coward act of Pak forces for beheading the officials of Indian Army and defended the Indian forces for retaliation. Gupta claimed that we always adopted the ways and means of peace prosperity since ages but whenever somebody has tried a bit to hamper our dignity and sovereignty we responded with full strength. Gupta said that certain quarters with disguised intentions are trying their level best to boost the era of uncertainty and unrest .This must stop as humanity is bleeding and the future of our young generation is at stake, Gupta added. Gupta further said that it is the high time for us not to be trapped in the heinous agenda of some miscreants and must adopt the harmony at every point and level.