Deep rooted conspiracy to harm Dogri language and culture: Dogri Sanstha

golden yug
[ May 03, 2017 ] Dogri Sanstha and all Dogri writers are deeply perturbed and anguished over the issuance of a Circular by CEO, Kathua, No.CEOK/63830-45, dated 18-03-2017, directing all schools of the district to teach Urdu as a compulsory subject to all students of Class 1st to 5th from the new session 2017-18.The Sanstha and the writers, holding nothing against Urdu, point out that a Government Order No. 222-Edu of 2006 dated 10-04-2006 by Commissioner/Secretary to Govt., Education Department, already exists where under a sanction has been accorded to the introduction of six mother languages including Dogri, in the areas where such languages are spoken as mother tongue from Class 1st in all Government/Private recognized institutions of the State from the current academic session (2006-07).It is surprising and shocking that instead of taking concrete steps to implement the Government Order of 2006, a new circular, contradicting the earlier Order, has been issued without caring about the sentiments of Dogri speaking and Dogri loving population of the area. It is shocking to note that the said circular mentions that the circular is issued under the instructions"" "of higher authorities. This smacks of a deep rooted conspiracy to harm Dogri language and culture.The previous Government and the present Government are to be held responsible for their callous attitude towards Dogri language and its promotion. The present move of the Govt, clearly indicates that the Govt, in power is hell bent on degrading and insulting the Dogri language and Dogra Culture.It is urged upon the Government that the Circular of 18th March,2017 by CEO, Kathua be immediately withdrawn and responsibility be fixed on the person/persons who have tried to play this vicious game and exemplary punishment be given to them.Further, the Government must take immediate practical steps to see that the Dogri language is introduced at Primary level in all schools in Dogri speaking areas from academic session 2017-18.