Aspiring KAS candidates protest against JKPSC for biased prelims results

gy correspondent Jammu may 4
[ May 04, 2017 ] Demanding fast track trial and justice to those students whose name was not in the prelims result of KAS 2016 -2017, which was declared by JKPSC last month. Large number of students from different institutions held a strong protest demonstration, demanding cancellation of the prelims result of KAS 2016-17 and conducts it afresh. Student’s community also blamed JKPSC for mass error in Kas preliminary result 2016-2017 JKPSC conducted preliminary examination 2016 held on 19-03-2017,in which more than 5000 students who scored more than 300 marks are out of list of qualified candidates whereas the cut off marks was 270.477.More than thousand candidates who scored less than 270 are deliberately get qualified into the list these are all blue eyed candidates. In this regard, all efficient candidates are deliberately put out of list, might be the computer error or answer key error. All these 5000 candidates who are not in the list, maximum of them are IAS and KAS interview dropper and maximum of them are preparing since 2009. Students are demanding cancellation of this pre. result of KAS 2016-17 and conduct it afresh. Aspirants also demanded that state vigilance organization should immediately enquire the whole result and FIR should be launched against chairman and secretary of JKPSC. So that the career of the young competes youth would not be spoiled further. Aspirants demanded that this protest will continue unless and until the CM of J&K will not come physically and hear our care and revoke this corrupt Deva commission immediately. Aspirants also demanded that we don"t need these corrupt inducted KAS and inducted IAS officers in this paramount commission and demanded that new commission should be formed with all IAS officer as a member and chairman of this commission qualified by the UPSC. Aspirants also demanded Prime Minister and Chief Minister should directly intervene in this matter and direct JKPSC to cancel these results and take it afresh. If JKPSC is right, why they are afraid of releasing this answer key (refer rule 12-B of JKPSC).This mass computerized error cannot be Tolerated at all and student demanded new commission should be formed by the government for enquiry and revoke this commission. The protesting students also blocked the road in front of Jammu University for around half an hour thus paralyzing the traffic movement and raised slogans under Deva Commission -Hata Dou, Deva Commission- Go Back Go Back, Jkpsc Housh Mein Aao, Housh Main Aao, we want justice and Judiciary /State Vigilance Organization should enquire the matter.