JMC allowing conversion of residential plot into commercial in lieu of heavy Kickbacks

gy correspondent Jammu may 4
[ May 04, 2017 ] Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC’s) undue favour to influential persons and to others in lieu of illegal interests is not new when it comes to clearance of construction map on the site. This is however rampant in Channi Himmat area where several construction plans for several building both residential and commercial purposes in Channi Himmat have been approved without proper thinking and without going through the Nitty gritties of spot thereby befooling people of region on the one pretext or the other. In a yet another massacre of rules and regulations, JMC once again threw rule book to deep drain and ensured to full illegal support to Radha Krishan Gupta S/o Munshi Ram Gupta R/o Trikuta Nagar Jammu at plot No. 2 Sector 3 main road of the Colony and infront of Mint Leaf Hotel. As per the record the original allotter of the plot was Anil Wadhwa S/o Bal Krishan Wadhwa. As per the sequence of events in this case, Radha Krishan the attorney holder violated the original site plan which was residential in nature but resorted to commercial structure in 2006-2007 following which the violator was booked by JMC under relevant sections prevailing in JMC and however tried under COBO Act as the construction was in serious violation of city master plan and also in violation of several other clauses of JMC. Later the violator got compounded the violation and accordingly paid fine to keep it residential. But with the active support of JMC Officials including Chief Enforcement Officer, Kamini Kesar, Asst Enforcement Officer (Khilafwarzi Inspector) Gulab Din in return for huge kickbacks assured and allowed violator to move from residential to commercial venture on Govt allotted residential plot where as rule book says that no authority irrespective of its superiority can allow changing residential plot to commercial in violation of Jammu City Master Plan. Two photographs showing development on the plot with regard to construction and how the rules were changed and even amended to facilitate violator and there is no doubt that Whole of the JMC has been beyond the violator forgetting their duties and perhaps this is the reason why the violator even dared to put shutter and to hoodwink the public raised fabricated boundary which can even be dismantled with just single blow of wind. But surprisingly JMC khilafwarzi staff and enforcement team as it does with other building raised by violating the norms did not take any notice of violation thus proving connivance of JMC khilafwarzi officials with owner to allow the construction ignoring the violation of approved site plan. It is the duty of field staff of JMC to check the violation of site plan from the initial stage but what can be done when one has the support of field staff for raising construction by violating norms against city master plan. It has been observed that field staff of Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) who is expected to be very careful in their working have time and again misused their official positions for illegal gratifications. If they would have discharged their duties by stopping the illegal construction at its very inception, there could be no wastage of time, money and hectic litigative process in most of the cases. It has been seen of late that a select group of influential people has been violating Jammu City Master Plan with impunity from law. As there is virtually no official check on them, involvement of JMC staff is suspected. Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) has failed to stop the rampant illegal constructions mushrooming in the city and adjoining areas within the jurisdiction of Jammu Municipal Corporation. JMC first remains in deliberate deep slumber and hand in glove with the violators by allowing them to raise the illegal construction and then under pressure of RTI activists orders the demolition of illegal structures. However it is only on an RTI expose the JMC divulge that no action has been initiated against the influential violators while they were carrying out illegal constructions. It is advisable on part of JMC and in interest of public to take view of construction going on the Gair Mumkin Khad at village Channi Himmat , Sector 3 adjoining with Madan Sweet Shop and also should stop the construction. The construction has stopped the free flow of water through the water channel where a construction is being raised after laying of foundation of shopping complex. This data which is of great public interest is an eye opener for JMC and also for the general public that whether Jammu Municipal Corporation is performing its duty as per the expectation of people of city or doing it for other interests having no concern for general public. Total plot area 1650 sqft out of which 95% occupied as commercial hall on ground floor followed by pillars from first to second keeping no door and windows thereby giving the shape of commercial hall in such a way which later on later on can be used as commercial . Moreover fake licenses that too of back date and from back door were issued to facilitate the violator where as in most of the cases when the license was issued there was no commercial activity but when the violator starts, the violator claims running business for years together to seek sympathy from court by saying as the medium of livelihood in danger. Unfortunate part is that when a complaint is made before the concerned authority, they say that they have done nothing wrong and nothing wrong has been done and if anybody is having objection, the doors of Vigilance are open for them. Not only this when the violator reaches Court, JMC instead of telling the truth rather speaks in favour of violator and furnish wrong information resulting which violators get safe passage after violating several norms and that too at the cost of loss to exchequer. JMC known for taking only cosmetic steps whenever finds itself in tight spot, it makes few changes for the time being in its character to just kill the time but with regard to taking concrete action as per the law,it has been only in papers. First of all violators originally not submitted COBO notices but claimed already sent as the action under the COBO Act has never ever been visible on the ground which has been a matter of strong resentment among the residents of area where JMC allows and helps the violators. In this particular case when the JMC came to know about the decision of local residents planning to approach Vigilance Organization , the shutter giving the residential plot commercial shape was removed overnight to save the skin of corroupt officials who at the initial stage deliberately allow this to happen and when violated structure gets completed, creates numerous problems for locals and also the valuble time of competitive authorities is wasted in futile litigations which could have been avoided had the JMC nid the evil in the bud. Moreover like many other cases in this case also, JMC did not take any action against the violator and also mere removing the shutter for the time being is almost negligible action as the violator should have been booked under COBO Notice to ensure that no one dares going against the established norms but their photogenic action contrary to the working of JMC encourages and strengthen the morale of violators who know that money makes the mare go prevails in JMC.