Officials of Drugs Controlors allegedly involved in Drugs peddling.

golden yug
[ May 07, 2017 ] Rajesh Tandon Poonch, Jammu and Kashmir police Poonch under the supervision of Rajiv Pandey (IPS) SSP Poonch started a Drug De-Addiction movement in Poonch and has started the roundup system of drug peddlers. It is welcome step by police, no doubts but question is that, "from where the drugs capsules come into the district"? Who convey the drugs items to drugists shops? Who and from where purchase the Psychotropic capsules? If we observe it, the drug controllers department is directly or indirectly looking involved in the scams. Although Jammu and Kashmir police Poonch has arrested many peddlers in Poonch, Mendhar, Surankote and Mandi, but it fails to find roots of the drugs in Poonch. Locals have appealed to SSP Poonch Mr. Rajive Pandey to look into the matter deeply and find all roots of drug system in Poonch, so that the narcotism may ended from Poonch.