Additional SP Kishtwar Abdul Qayoom transferred to SSG Jammu

goldem yug
[ May 07, 2017 ] Jammu: Congratulations to Additional SP Kishtwar Mr. Abdul Qayoom for being transferred to SSG Jammu. Mr. Qayoom served in Kishtwar for about 5 years with full dedication and honesty. He worked for sake of society, uplifting and encouraging the needy. His ability of tacking with and handling the delicate issues is incredible. His unbiased work towards the communities of Kishtwar improved the harmony and unity of society as well of nation. The officers like him are rare in this time. He is of the opinion that we should give more thrust to instill in ourselves the core values of honesty & integrity, promptness, courteousness, helpfulness and responsiveness for providing quality service to the Public. It is these core values that will enable us to enlist the volunteer cooperation and support of public to combat the menace of terrorism, crime, drug menace and eradication of other social evils from the society. The cutting edge of Police force has a pivotal role to play in restoration of the public trust in Police action as they are ones who frequently interact with the general public. Any misdemeanor on their part is bound to bring disgrace to the whole Police Force and erode the credibility of Police leadership to give an efficient & people-friendly Police service to the society. Senior officers of the department must endeavor to restore honor and dignity of Police Constables and other lower subordinates by ensuring that bare minimum facilities necessary for human dignity are provided to them by those making use of their services.