Seniority worthless in assigning additional charge to KAS Officers

[ May 08, 2017 ] It seems that there is no decorum and protocol with regard to seniors and juniors KAS officers and also it has been observed that seniors in seniority list several times made to work under juniors and juniors in the seniority lists made head before seniors. Such a Temporary arrangement was witnessed today when Govt today vide Government Order No.563-GAD of 2017, Dated: 08-05-2017 given additional charge to Arun Kumar Manhas, KAS, Additional Deputy Commissioner, Jammu to hold the charge of the post of Director, Information, J&K, till further orders, relieving Mr. Mohammad Hussain Malik, KAS, Secretary to the Hon"ble Chief Minister of the additional charge. It deserves mentioning here that Mohd Hussain Malik, KAS, Secretary to the Chief Minister was given additional charge of Director Information vide Govt Order No.561-GAD of 2017, dated 29-04-2017. As per the seniority list Manisha Sareen Joint Director Jammu stands at 112 where as Arun Kumar Manhas who has been given additional charge of Director Information stands at 185 in Seniority list. It always becomes embarrassing and insulting when juniors are made head over seniors and which seriously affects the working in the offices and also this also shakes the confidence of senior officers who under the present situation will find it difficult to work if it continues in future also. Moreover when the Secretariat is opened today at Srinagar and which means that Director Information will work in Srinagar so how can additional DC take additional charge as Director Information when he is serving in Jammu so giving additional charge is meaningless and mere formality as one cannot attend two offices at the same time and that too one is at Jammu and another is in Srinagar. In the interest of public which the Govt never forgets to write whenever a transfer and posting is done then Govt must also bear it in mind that it is also in public interests that such a carelessness must be avoided in future while assigning additional charges and also it should never mean a cosmetic step like one which has been done by giving additional charge to Manhas as Director Information. Moreover when such an arrangement is done, work culture is sacrificed and quality work is ignored. This is surprising that Information Department being the important department responsible for propagating policies and programmes to Govt in public domain has failed to get Director Information for the considerable time and another reason might be that Govt has no policies and programmes to put in public domain.