Govt can’t be honest when we ourselves are dishonest

Shubham Sharma golden yug
[ May 08, 2017 ] Politics without principle, progress without compassion, wealth without work, learning without silence, religion without fearlessness and worship without awareness will destroy the human race. A man can never be good of anything unless he gives us all the selfishness and begins to think about serving the God that sent him and the humanity. We must purify ourselves from the bottom of our heart before we begin exercising our power. Otherwise, it will destroy ourselves and hurt others. Politics is not meant for the fulfillment of selfish aims and greed, but its sole purpose is selfless service. Unless we have at least one person who can stand beyond his personal motives and act for the sake of humanity, none of the political systems are going to work in India. We must understand that we do not remain on earth forever and whatever we have with us is given only for a short duration. We are supposed to make use of what we have to serve God and for the benefit of humanity. Politics is a weapon where huge changes can be brought about not only in a country but in the entire world. Politicians need to understand that selfishness on their part is against their own self-interest. They need to find out how they can eliminate their own agendas and devote themselves in serving in all possible ways. Only true service will cleanse and purify us from all our karmas. There is no other way for those involved in politics. Pursuit of power and pleasure is the path of destruction. It destroys life and peace of mind. Only that prospers that is gotten by honesty and service. In family, in society, in the country and in the world only a leadership by example is going to be effective in coming days. We cannot expect our associates to be honest when we ourselves are dishonest.It is very unfortunate that the political party whose base and birth was from selfless, determined and dedicated Anna Hazare , who despite the old age went on the hunger strike for day together , to root out the corruption from this country and establishment of the Lok Pal . Especially when congress rule of ten years scams worth lakhs of crores, hurting the single Indian very badly.But this is the morality of politics that when you join it you even forget the statements and slogans coined by you.Let us take the example of J&K first, the agitation of 2008, where the strength, stamina and the braveness of Jammu region was witnessed under the leadership of Sh. Lila Karan Sharma but as soon as he joined the politics, people rejected him and voted for Congress. It was unfortunate that the movement which was supported by the people was against the Congress government. People supported that movement but as soon as Lila Karan Sharma decided to contest the election, he lost all the respect which he earned during Amarnath agitation. He became ambitious and wanted to join politics. His decision to join politics was not supported by the masses because he became ambitious at that time. Now a days same is the situation with Kejriwal.With hindsight, wisdom is always easier to trot out. Having said that, there were four major mistakes made by the AAP and its chief, which led to their losing the plot in just two years.One, Arvind Kejriwal lost his focus as chief minister. He kept targeting Modi, instead of concentrating on delivery in Delhi. What had been his strength as a crusader before coming to power – taking on the most powerful, be it Congress leaders, Modi, corporate honchos – came to border on foolhardiness as chief minister? He attacked Modi, by then elected prime minister, not once or twice but incessantly. People had expected him to work with the Centre to be able to run the Delhi government, which he had been mandated to do. He also made the mistake of fighting on too many fronts at the same time.Two, he spread his wings too quickly. There is nothing wrong in a political party having national ambitions. But Kejriwal failed to assess what he was up against. In Punjab, for example, the BJP favoured the Congress rather than risk having an “upstart” Kejriwal win and then go on to upset its apple cart in Gujarat.It is not as if the AAP did not keep its promises on bijlee and paani (electricity and water) or did not improve government schools or start Mohalla clinics. But as events have panned out, it might have been better to have concentrated on Delhi and make it a showpiece which would speak to other states about what was possible under an AAP government.Three, Kejriwal was undoubtedly hampered by the lack of powers given to the Delhi government, and these were spelt out in no uncertain terms by the Court. With a formidable foe like the BJP in power, there was daily conflict with the Lieutenant Governor and the Centre, and people got tired of this. Instead of figuring out what he could achieve with the powers at his command, he chose to vent his grievances, real or perceived, on social-media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. His intemperate language against the prime minister did not go down well with people and were seen to be excuses. After all, as many pointed out, even during Sheila Dikshit’s term when she had to contend with a BJP-led National Democratic Alliance of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, there had been no such clash.The fourth factor is Arvind Kejriwal’s “autocratic” style, of which he has been accused by his critics and colleagues. You can argue that most leaders today are autocratic, be it Modi, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Rahul Gandhi, Lalu Yadav, Mayawati, or the late Jayalalithaa.