Case of “enough is enough”

[ May 10, 2017 ] Complete Army fraternity stands shoulder to shoulder with the bereaved family at this tragic hour. This marks a watershed moment in the Kashmir valley and people of Kashmir will decisively turn the tide against terrorism. His memory will never be forgotten. Those who tried to defeat what he stood for, will themselves be defeated. The Army must be allowed to bring militancy under control to a point where those professing it realise that the time has come to talk. Yes, people will die in the ensuing action, then so be it. Kashmir is Indian Territory. If those owing allegiance to Pakistan’s ISI continue to create instability, then they must face the music. These hooligans seem to believe that India will succumb to their macho instincts. By now they should have realised that Kashmir is a part of India, as Maharaja Hari Singh had signed the Instrument of Accession on August 18, 1947, long before they were born. That was then the condition laid down for all Indian princely states, and that signature made Kashmir an integral part of India, notwithstanding the regular hiccups from Pakistan or from their sympathisers in the Valley.Now the time has come to change the status quo approach of India regarding Kashmir. Despite being heavy claims by Prime Minister Narinder Modi on Kashmir, nothing has changed. This government"s policy towards Kashmir is no different from that of the Congress. Nothing has changed in this direction, but the situation gone worst day by day. Narendra Modi’s government is also not capable to deal with the present situation of Kashmir.Every year the situation in Kashmir has become so bad. Every year it gets worse. Year after year since the mid-2000s, Kashmir has screamed for resolution and closure. Year after year New Delhi"s answer has been to pretend that no closure is needed, no nothing, Narendra Modi"s speeches on and in Kashmir sound the same as the Congress"s speeches i.e. , will you please stop doing violence at Pakistan"s behest?Narinder Modi’s policy on Kashmir is no different from the Manmohan era. His claims on thinking out of the box on Kashmir, is not working. Allying with the People"s Democratic Party in Jammu and Kashmir has already eroded the BJP’s credibility in Jammu region.Kashmir is are joining militant ranks, throwing themselves into encounter sites, marching in their funeral processions, hailing them as martyrs, but Narinder Modi’s attitude towards militancy in Kashmir is to not worry about it. It"s a common story, like the stone peltersBut this time it’s not tolerable, not me but every young guy is not going to tolerate the status quo approach of Narinder Modi on Kashmir.A young, unarmed army officer was kidnapped by terrorists from a family wedding and killed in Kashmir. Ummer Fayaz, a 22-year-old Lieutenant of the Rajputana Rifles, had joined the army five months ago. His body was found early this morning in Shopian, around 30 km from his village, with bullets in his head and abdomen.The Kashmiri officer was on leave and had gone for his cousin"s wedding at his village in Kulgam in south Kashmir when he was kidnapped around 10 pm. Three terrorists with guns went up to the first floor of his relative"s home and dragged him out, according to a cousin, the bride"s brother. The family, too terrified to report the kidnapping, had hoped that he would be sent back alive. Hundreds turned up at the village that morning as the festivities turned tragic, the killing of one of their own has left them shocked and angry.Ummer Fayaz was fresh out of the National Defence Academy (NDA) and knew the risks but he didn"t think twice about going to his village unarmed. "He was an absolutely outstanding officer, outstanding sportsman. Kashmir has lost its son... We have lost a young, promising officer. I am sure when the people of Kashmir realize this, they will join hands and hit back at perpetrators," said Lieutenant General Abhay Krishna, Colonel Commandant of the Rajputana Rifles.Our soldiers fight for motherland and do so while blindly trusting their civilian masters—the elected leadership of the country. Mr. Prime Minister does something, do it quickly because it is the matter of honour of our security forces and police. If you are not going to do something on Kashmir, in future parents have to think twice, while sending their wards in security forces and in police.