Don’t waste public money for attending private functions

Golden yug
[ May 12, 2017 ] To protect the integrity of the decision-making process of executive government and to maintain public trust in the Executive, Ministers and Parliamentary Under-Secretaries must conduct themselves in a manner appropriate to their office. In all these roles and at all times, Ministers are expected to act lawfully and to behave in a way that upholds, and is seen to uphold, the highest ethical standards. Ultimately, Ministers are accountable to the Prime Minister for their behaviour.Although my todays opinion may not have any impact on the government when I say that ministers, bureaucrats, MLA’s and MLC’s uses governments machinery for inaugurating private functions at the cost of tax payers money. But the mood point is, should they be allowed for such functions using government machinery, government’s funds, government vehicles or some other related things. Most of the buildings which was inaugurated by our representatives or bureaucrats were illegally constructed. That’s why some private players invited some political representatives and bureaucrats for inauguration as they don’t have to answer any questions and they were fully comfortable because by inaugurating they got artificial clearance. Our political and permanent representatives who love to cut ribbons on daily basis were not aware of the facts that they were wasting tax payer’s money on travelling. It is an establish fact that from such inaugurations government gets nothing. In fact all those who invited all these dignitaries for inauguration, with a hope that there presence will help them proper coverage of these events.To substantiate my points, let us take the recent example, Sarveshwar Group of Industries, Jammu, running rice industry, has launched its new venture under the brand name NIMBARK on 11th May at Channi, Jammu. That function was attended by both the political and permanent representatives. Dr. Hasseb A. Drabu, Honble Minister for finance, labour and employment, Government of Jammu and Kashmir especially came from Srinagar, to inaugurate that private function. The main duties and functions of finance minister is to prepare the annual fiscal budget and issue adequate regulations for its execution and also to manage government financial assets. Who paid his air fare and his official vehicles petrol/diesel’s cost? Is Sarveshwar paid all this or that was managed from tax payer’s money.Dr. Drabu was not the only political representative who was present at that occasion . Vikram Randhawa, MLC, J&K government was also present on the occasion. An academian Dr. Pradeep K. Sharma, vice chancellor, SKUAST-Jammu was guest of honour. SSP Ramesh Kotwal was also present.Why spend public money on a private party"s function? Why they were publicising private firm by using public money? If any government department was inaugurated, it would have been understandable. But here the private firm was inaugurating its new venture. And inaugurated what? Prices of essential commodities are skyrocketing, farmers are committing suicides and petrol-diesel rates are shooting up. The government says it has no money to open hospitals or to build roads. Yet, it has lakhs of rupees to spend on a private event. This is immoral and unethical.SSP Ramesh Kotwal was also present, I think he was not aware of the fact that there have been 595 rapes in Jammu and Kashmir during this government"s tenure. Hardcore criminals have escaped from police custody. Crime rate is also increasing in our state. You are a public servant not Sarveshwar’s servant. You are bound to solve the problems of the masses not to advertise Sarveshwar.That incident was not new, Speaker J&K Legislative Assembly, Kavinder Gupta also inaugurated, a restaurant at Channi Himmat. That building was also illegally constructed in which that restaurant was inaugurated by Kavinder Gupta, don’t have parking space which lead to traffic jam at that place. Norms, which were required to establish a commercial building were not taken into consideration, while constructing that building.Mr. Simrandeep Singh, IAS inaugurated the ICICI bank’s branch in channi himmat, Jammu. He also used its official vehicles for inaugurating the bank’s branch. That building was also illegally constructed. Norms were also not taken into consideration while constructing that commercial building.These practices were became the habit of our representatives. They enjoyed photo sessions, during inaugurations and the services given by private players.On the other hand, when common people wanted to meet them they were not available. But they all were available for these types of inaugural ceremonies. They all are meant for us, their salaries were paid from tax payer’s money, so don’t hesitate to question them.