JMC keeps no calendar of funds received & how and where spent

Golden yug
[ May 16, 2017 ] Notwithstanding the fact that JMC received huge funds from J&K Govt and Union Govt but the reality is that nothing visible development has been seen in any of the 71 wards where it seems that funds for development have dried up as the reason for no development. However when one looks at the figures of funds received by JMC, it comes as shocker which forces us to ask where these funds have gone meant for development.JMC under non plan grant aids during year 2015-16 received Rs 4025.02 lacs, Rs 298.84 lacs under CCDP Plan and Rs 3507.40 lacs and 292.05 lacs upto 31-12-2016 respectively. For undertaking work properly and timely, two divisions namely central construction division having area of 35 wards and another is Trikuta Division having 36 wards have been established. In addition to this Rajesh Gupta , Hon’ble MLA, Jammu ( E ) ,59.4226,Smt Priya Sethi Hon’ble Minister of State for Education , Technical Edu. , Culture , Tourism, Horticulture , Floriculture and Parks , 23.80,Sat Paul Sharma , Hon’ble MLA, Jammu (W) , 19.28,Ashok Khajuria , Hon’ble MLC ,22.79,S. Charanjit Singh Khalsa , Hon’ble MLC ,13.67,MK Ajat Shatru Singh, Hon’ble MLC , 22.70,Surinder Ambardar , Hon’ble MLC , 14.12,Romesh Arora , Hon’ble MLC , 7.31,Jugal kishor, , Hon’ble MP , 3.72,Total 186.8126, was granted from their constituency development funds. Where as in the year up to April 2015 to Dec 2016Shamsher Singh Mnhas , Hon’ble MP (RS), 5.17,Kavinder Gupta , Hon’ble Speaker , 15.00,Smt Priya Sethi Hon’ble Minister of State for Education , Technical Edu. , Culture , Tourism, Horticulture , Floriculture and Parks , 19.55,Sat Paul Sharma , Hon’ble MLA, Jammu (W) , 62.67,Rajesh Gupta , Hon’ble MLA, Jammu (E),108.1775,Surinder Ambardar , Hon’ble MLC, 5.53,Ashok Khajuria , Hon’ble MLC, 13.32,Vikramaditya Singh , Hon’ble MLC ,4.128,Romesh Arora , Hon’ble MLC , 16.76,Charanjit Singh , Hon’ble MLC ,3.64,Smt. Rani Gargi Bloria , Hon’ble MLC, 3.80,Total 257.7455 received by JMC for developments of wards but unfortunately the funds were not used judiciously as most of the works were undertaken without inviting tenders and also by using substandard materials which did not last long and resulted misuse of public money. Constituency Development Fund(CDF) is quite significant for development of any constituency and equally important is to ensure proper use of it and it can only be done when the proper supervision is done. Construction of drain from Masjid to Dead End H/o Naseem Ahmad at Malik Market Channi Ramma in Ward No. 49 worth 5.77 lacs,Premixing of lane from Mohalla Charak to turn near h/o Sh. Diilawar Mir Ext. Bhagat Pura at Channi Himmat ward 51 worth Rs 3.21 lacs, Improvement of lane 19 along h/o Preezada lane No. 20 balcony h/o Sh. Viiay Kumar at Tavi Vihar Sidhra ward No 71 at Rs 4.25Improvement of lane No. 17" upto H/O Parvez Gujwari at Tavi Vihar Sidhra ward No 71 (Part - A), Upgradation of lane along Sharma Niwas H No: 914 lane No: 18 at Tavi " Vihar Sidhra ward No 71 at Rs 6.00,"improvement of lane No: 17 upto H/O Parvez Gujwari at Tavi Vihar Sidhra ward No: 71 (Part-B) Improvement of lane No: 8 along h/o Baru Niwas 40-A at Tavi Vihar Sidhra ward No: 71 (Part-C) AT Rs 5.62,Construction of drain from Masjid to Dead End H/o Naseem Ahmad at; Malik Market Channi Ramma in Ward No. 49 at Rs 5.77,Premixing of lane from Masjid to Dead End Malik Market Channi Rama in Ward No. 49 at Rs 3.28,Development of strip in front of secretary atTawi Vihar in ward NO: 10 at Rs 0.66,Repairs & finishing by way of pointing or Community Hall near Geeta Bhawan Parade in ward No: 10 at Rs 5.46,Upgradation of lane near residency road to" Church Place at Chihtlan Colony ward No. 07 at Rs 4.43,Remodeling of drain from furniture shop to "h/o Saleem along Jahnangir Hotel at Christian Colony ward No: 7 at Rs 4.96,Construction of RCC Slab and srairs for Community Hall near Baba Dadbagh Singh Shrine in ward no. 11 at Rs 2.66 ,Const. of room at Samadi along Nallah at Karan Nagar in ward No 9 at Rs 3.73 ,Remodeling of drain at Amphalla Chowk in Ward 9 (PartA-B) at Rs 7.29 Construction of lone by w/o Paver Tiles in ward 15 at Rs 5.65,Re-construction of Lane/Drain near Ellora Sarees shop to near h/o RC Bahi & Sh. Verma HNo 20 near Link Road Word No.3 at Rs 4.36 ,Remodeling of path from Shiv Mandir towards Masjid Sharief on Bank of River ward 19 at Rs 4.91 ,Upgradation of rotary near Gujjar Nagar Sher-e-Kashmir Bridge in ward 6 at Rs 4.30 ,Construction of lane from H/o Ankit to Mandir opposite South Extension, Trikuta Nagar Nagar in Ward No 52 at Rs 1.275 ,Const, of car parking slot at Mubarak Mandi ward No 1 at Rs 12.10 Const, of compound wall fencing impt of land for Rehri Zone at Panjthrthi in Ward 1 at Rs 1.95.Construction/ raising of drain with PCC slab and gratings at Company Bagh opposite Nowabad police Station Jammu at Rs 3.175. All the above works were undertaken without inviting tenders when even work worth Rs 1 lac is mandatory for e tendering. As per the records available JMC undertook 108 works through e-tendering under plan 2016-17 worth Rs 288.805 lacs by Trikuta Division. There is also no difference in central division either. Moreover it has also been alleged that several works were given to near and dear ones of Ministers and MLAs and MLCs and where quality of work has been sacrificed at the cost of public money. Some of the works result of substandard work include Tutian water point at Channi Himmat where a platform around the peepal tree has not given finishing touch but the payment has already been released when the grinding work has not been properly and the bathroom constructed there has lost all the sheen in less than a year’s time as the taps and pipes are already damaged and this bathroom bears deserted look likewise blacktopping work manual and several pullies are result of substandard work which needs high level enquiry to fix the responsibility as this is public money which needs clarification on spending.