Quantitative expansion but qualitative degradation of School Education

Golden yug
[ May 20, 2017 ] “The destiny of India is now being shaped in her classrooms." The role of the teacher to the students is not merely to impart knowledge content of books which is largely information fast getting out of date. But more than that it should be inspiring by his/her example towards the process of character building and the use of knowledge for welfare of the community. The total message to the students, and to the community, is the total life of the teacher. Since from Independence every educational committee and commission appointed by government of India from time to time lay emphasis on expansion of School Education which may be within the reach of common people but less was talked about quality and Excellence. As a result of recommendations of various commissions and committees on quantitative expansion of school education number of programmes was launched from time to time to provide access of school education at door step of the students. No doubt we are very near to the target of quantitative expansion but at the cost of quality. Moreover, No detention policy also contributed in spoiled quality of school education. Everyone dreams to send their wards in government institutions after 10+2 but only few are willing to send them in Government schools upto 10+2. Majority of teachers lacks Commitment, Proficiency and professionalism in India at school Education level. School Education system of India now a days producing dead woods by infusing information in the minds of students and making students to just pass the examination by mugging up content without Understanding. India is at Negative end as result of Quantitative expansion as it sacrificed quality and excellence over quantity. at the cost of quality. Few suggestions from my side to improve quality of School Education. Biometric Attendance at School for the teachers , Dynamic curriculum , Stress on knowledge, understanding, Application and reflection rather than cramming, Teacher should realize that failure of student is his own failure, Govt should enact legislations making it obligatory for govt employees and ministers to send their wards in government schools, Appointment of Professionally trained teachers after proper screening and merit should only be the criteria for the appointment, Monthly feedback from students about performance of teachers by the principal of schools, Schools should be equipped with minimum basic facilities, Linking society with Education i.e bringing schools in society and society in schools, More Diversified job oriented vocation Courses should be started at every level of school education (Vocationalization of school education),Take serious note on Preprimary Education which must be informal in nature so as to lay firm foundation of child"s later formal schooling, Refresher and orientation courses for the in service teachers, Most of documents are copy paste of Kothari commission, Efforts should be made by the govt to come up with Educational policy based on extensive field research about current situation and prospective needs of the country,RTE should cover whole school education not only Elementary Education, No Detention Policy should be scrapped within shortest period of time on priority basi so that both teachers and students can be more determined, committed and school education can regain lost charm and identity.