Amendment in Service Regulations, 1956

golden yug
[ May 22, 2017 ] SRINAGAR, MAY 22: In exercise of the powers conferred by proviso to section 124 of the constitution of Jammu & Kashmir, the Governor is pleased to direct that the following amendments shall be made in Jammu and Kashmir Civil Service Regulations, 1956 namely in Article 230, clause (i) shall be substituted as a Government servant including the one listed in schedule II of these rules may voluntarily retire from service any time after completing 20 years/40 completed six monthly periods of qualifying service or 45 years of age, provided that he/she shall give in this behalf, a notice in writing to the appointing authority at least 3 months before the date on which he/she wants to retire",Sub-clause (ii) of Article 230 shall be deleted, in Article 240-A (VI) for the words and figures "twenty eight" and "28 years", wherever occurring, the words & figures "twenty (20) years" shall be substituted.