JKPCC, JKHB working beyond their jurisdiction, ignoring DB’s directions for e-tendering

Golden yug
[ May 26, 2017 ] Former Union Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad had laid the foundation stone of 100-bedded Rajiv Gandhi Hospital at Gangyal here, with an estimated cost of Rs 72.45 crore on Feb 22, 2014 with Detailed Project Report (DPR) Rs 72.45 crore which now has enhanced with the lapse of time and halting the work under the National Rural Health Mission scheme of the central government. The project was supposed to have basement 20360 Sqft, ground floor 39.170 first floor 39415, 2nd floor 39415 Sqft. The construction work was allotted to Jammu and Kashmir Housing Board with facilities like OPD block, IPD block, operation theatres (OTs), ICU, NICU among other treatment and diagnostic facilities. However the work was allotted to Housing Board without floating tenders. Anyway Housing Board got Rs 25 lacs for foundation stone. Accordingly Health Department released funds worth 171.25 lacs during the year 2014-15 and as per the claims of Board, 165.81 lacs has been spent by Housing Board on site development compound walling, landscaping, roads and path network. The basement area dugout was 20300 Sqft. However with the change of Govt at centre and state, the project was delayed as the work was halted as state Govt showed no interest besides Housing Board. Unfortunately the funds spent earlier on the project including add consultancy and soil testing at Rs 121.46 lacs and the pillars which were raised using iron steel got rusted under the open sky and apathetic approach of concerned authorities including Housing Board which sadly gave the look of pond thereby not only destroying spent funds but also it also escalated the cost of project due to delay in its completion. JK Housing Board which took the construction work without inviting tenders had to part with the project work without citing any reasons and new Govt after locals raised the issue, handed over the project to J&K Project construction Corporation which in turn handed over the work to piece worker namely Karnail Singh R/o Hira Nagar once again without floating tenders without any mention of parameters and indicators vital for the successful completion of any Project. JKPCC despite the direction from J&K Division Bench to undertake the projects after following due tendering process and in no way the work should be provided to piece worker failed to abide by the Court’s direction and handed over the work to the person of their choice on pick and choose method sacrificing the quality of work. New Govt now has released Rs 3 crores as per the sources to JKPCC Unit seven by doing away the already completed work without any proper notice and project discussion. It is the need of hour to fix responsibility on the agencies which fail to complete the given work in accordance with the site plan as by simply handing over the work to another agency without taking any action against the previous one will never yield any desire results which Govt of the day must bear in its mind. The loss so occurred must be payable by the faulty officials and concerned agency for the failure to destroy the funds whose need in J&K is much more than in other states of country. Moreover the rates on which the work undertaken is much higher than Govt S.S Rate Schedule which has caused serious loss to exchequer and the same should be verified and enquired to find out where these funds have gone which were accelerated for personal benefits rather than the development of the area for which the funds are sanctioned. JKPCC gets 15% commission on any of the project it undertakes and by handing over to piece worker which ultimately enhances cost of the project. Ayurvedic College at Akhnoor at Rs 25.80 crores, Rs 33.35 crores District Hospital Akhnoor having 200 beds are also being constructed by JK Housing Board and if it fails at one place it can also fail on other places also but the point is whether the project will also be handed over to other agencies as its functioning and working has always been under scanner. In addition to this PWD R&B Division 1st Jammu also spent Rs 4.41 lacs on construction of Rajiv GandhI Hospital which also needs enquiry. It is surprising to note that Govt before sanctioning the hospital even did not think of approach road which is of vital importance as at present the approach road is only about 10ft where hardly one vehicle can pass through at a time. Moreover former Minister Sham Lal Sharma allotted several works to his choice candidates beyond his jurisdiction on the basis of pick and choose policy.