Think of dealing Geelani factor in Kashmir

Shubham Sharma
[ May 29, 2017 ] Geelani wholeheartedly commends the ongoing militant struggle in Jammu and Kashmir, blessing it as an Islamically-mandated ‘jihad", and insists that it must continue till India agrees to let the people of the state participate in a plebiscite to decide between India or Pakistan, or, if this is not possible, to grant freedom to Jammu and Kashmir. Geelani also makes no mention at all about the fact that many men have joined the ranks of the militants not out of any ideological commitment, certainly not of pure Islamic passion, as he seems to claim, but, rather, simply to loot, plunder and target, and to settle personal scores and eliminate personal enemies. It can be said that despite the widespread perception of him as the icon of azadi and hero of the Kashmiri Muslim resistance, Geelani"s political project and his Islamist vision represent the aspirations of only a relatively small, and apparently diminishing, minority of pro-Pakistan Kashmiri Muslims.Successive governments in Jammu and Kashmir have ignored the support of people which separatists are enjoying. Despite huge campaigns against them with regard to their activities, misguidance and exploitation of youth, still a large number of populations offering them support and turn them their leaders. We have seen in the recent videos, whenever he comes out of his house, gatherings in thousands gathers to listen him, which shows peoples support that separatists enjoying in the valley. This is right time to identify this fact and move ahead to restore law and order situation in the valley. This is evident from the fact, despite appealing their supporters to maintain peace, they are doing and obeying what has been told to them by the separatists, which has been seen with every small agitation.Either we have to isolate Geelani or will have to take steps to convince the people of Kashmir valley that, supporting anti nationals will never help anybody neither them nor their so called cause.Present atmosphere shows, the influence of Geelani on Kashmiri people. Hurriyat and Geelani are as dangerous as these terrorists. Geelani wants others’ children to die whereas his own family members live in safe heavens when Kashmir is burning.Geelani’s family has been a beneficiary of the unrests in Kashmir. After the mass agitation of 2010, during which 120 civilians were killed in the Valley, Geelani’s son Naeem Geelani permanently returned from Pakistan after spending 12 years in the country.During the peak of the 2016 uprising, exactly on the day when Geelani asked Kashmiri youth to make the Jamia Masjid Chalo protest call a success, his grandson Anees Ul Islam, son of Altaf Fantoosh (Geelani’s son- in-law and executive member of Hurriyat G) appeared for an interview for a government job, almost tailor-designed for him by the ruling Peoples" Democratic Party-led government. In December 2016, Anees secretly joined Sher-e-Kashmir International Convection Complex (SKICC) as a Research Officer, at an annual salary of more than Rs 12 lakh and other incentives. Anees’s recruitment would have remained a tightly-kept secret, but in March 2017, exposed the muck. The news of rules being bent to recruit Geelani’s grandson spread like wildfire.It is very important for the Indian government to first deal with Geelani and his associates before moving further.