Delaying press release of concerned Minister by day speaks of sincerity of Information Department

golden yug
[ May 30, 2017 ] Information department is considered one of the most important Govt departments as it is the medium to take policies and programmes to public and fort this they are dependent on both print and electronic media which publish and broadcast the same to acquaint the readers and viewers what their Govt is doing for them and what needs to be done. It has been observed that proper coverage on part of Information department of various Govt events is not up to mark and many events remains uncovered and even some events are published by department next day as the staff’s lethargy fails them to prepare the press note on the same day. Similar incident took place when new Information Minister Zulfikar Ali hosted a dinner party for media persons in wake of the reporting in state where law and order getting deteriorated day by day . Surprisingly the press note of the event was not prepared on the same day and infect send next day. Meantime some of the newspapers who participated in the event published the news as per their own understanding. Now the question arises here when the press note already published in newspapers if resend by Information department is not plagiarism. Moreover if the press note of the event was not prepared on the same day then it can be assumed that the event was not worth covering and the event was just a type of get to gather. But the event can’t be termed as unimportant as the Cabinet Minister wanted to convey the media persons for responsible reporting so that law and order situation is restored in the valley and in no sense irresponsible reporting should incite and provoke the people resulting in further deterioration of law and order problem. In nut shell one thing is clear that it is clear-cut case of negligence on part of news section for delaying press note by one day and which otherwise speaks of sincerity of staff engaged especially for the purpose. In order to put the things in right perspective, information department must put its house in order and should be careful in future by preparing the press note of the event same day so that credibility of department remains intact. Delay in releasing press note by a day could not get proper coverage and most of the papers did not publish the press note resulting in wastage of time and money and also the objective of event largely remained unfulfilled due to delay in releasing press note resulting in poor coverage.