Lasting solution

golden yug
[ May 30, 2017 ] Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh has firmly observed in his chat with a private news channel that Narendra Bhai Modi led BJP government in the Centre will find out a permanent solution to Kashmir problem. The way out of this solution will be such that it will not affect Kashmir, Kashmiriyat and people of Kashmir. Elaborating, he said, previous governments in the centre had not assured permanent solution on this count. “We will not allow Kashmir to burn for a long time”, he said, Meanwhile, strongly defending Maj. Leetul Gagoi for using a Kashmiri youth as a human shield, Army chief Gen. Bippin Rawat told a news agency that the Indian Army is presently facing a ‘Dirty war’ in Jammu and Kashmir, which has to be fought through “innovative” ways. He said people are hurling stones and petrol bombs on army personnel and in such situation we have to maintain the morals of the troops. How Army could maintain maximum restraint in such situation, he asked?. It is no more secret Pakistan has launched Proxy war against us in Jammu and State. Pakistan is pumping hawala money in Kashmir and instigating innocent Kashmiri youth for stone pelting on security personnel and common man. Pakistan also helps its trained militants to cross over to this side of the border for creation of disturbances in Kashmir valley. Pak agents are working on payments for sparking of the fear of the unrest in public. In order to keep the pots boiling on the occasions of killing of a terrorist by security forces in encounter, Pak agent goes on circulating calendars of the hartals and the Kashmir bandh calls. Such unrest Kashmir bandh calls were made at the time of the killing of a dreaded terrorist Burhan Wani, last year in Kashmir by security forces and now on the killing of his close associate, Sabzar Bhat similar unrest calendar calls have begun to be issued in Kashmir. Nevertheless Pak sponsored militants and their over ground agents have intensified their reprehensible activities in Valley still a large number of the career cautious youths are openly defying diktats of separatists. Hundreds of Kashmiri youth on last Sunday took Army examination challenging separatists shut down call in Kashmir valley. In the same way as many as 8,866 young boys and girls took examination in the Common Entrance Tests. For the purpose, 15 examination centers were set by the concerned authority in Srinagar. Youth came out of their houses defying curfew restrictions and administration treaded their admit card as the curfew passes and allowed them to take examinations. Kashmir watchers are of the firm view that with the changing working style of Home and Defense Departments as also the career cautious youths, it is now hoped that peace and normalcy shall be restored to Valley soon.