Golden yug
[ May 31, 2017 ] PoK DPs are fed up of the inhumane approach of the key political parties of the State and the Centre. Most of them are facing hardships due to indifferent attitude of these political parties and leaders. Distribution of ex-gratia relief amount among PoK DPs has become chaotic due to disorganized planning and execution. At every point PoK DPs are being harassed, none other than their own Government. It has been alleged by PoK Refugees that one Patwari namely Naved Ahmad demanding illegal gratification and taking it also and infect obliging those who are paying him up to the tune of Rs 20000. This Patwari at PRO Office of Custodian Jammu is doing it openly and brazenly without any fear as he is having the patronage of higher ups and may be taking their share by ignoring the complaints which have been raised against this Patwari for harassing and embarrassing the innocent PoKs who have been suffering for the last seventy years. There is no denying to the fact that Custodian Mushtaq Ahmad is very much aware of this and deliberately allowing it to continue otherwise there is no strong reason why no action has been taken against him so far. He is so rude towards them that he often misbehaves with them as helping them has become a liability for him. It has also been reported that he only entertains those properly and allows entering those who are willing to pay him as per his demand. Those who refuges to pay are being tortured by this monster. This definitely smells some sort of nexus from bottom to top as everybody there wants to make a hay while the sunshine’s. Govt of India has already clarified to the refugees that Rs 2000 crores was not end of the package. Time and again it is being reported by the Displaced of 1947 from PoJK that hardships are being faced with regard to documentation and formalities required for applying getting relief amount sanctioned by the Government. It has been complained that people have to wait for long time to get certified copies of more than 70 years old documents like Form ‘A’ and loan ledger etc from the PRO’ office, Jammu. Since the State Government has to furnish entire details of PoJK refugees like their total number, heads of families, complete lists of beneficiaries along with their account numbers and other requisite formalities as such the Central Government has still to remain dependent on the State Government for this purpose.As the task of disbursement has been taken in its own hands by the Central Government, it is hoped that the disbursement would be made to the beneficiaries shortly. The Government"s decision to approve a package of Rs2,000 crore for the development of refugees from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) is commendable. The demand made by refugees was long overdue and successive Governments at the Centre had been dilly-dallying the same without giving a serious thought to re-settlement issues. Finally, the NDA Government has taken the bold step. However, it must see to it that the concessions promised to the refugees reach them on time. For long, these people, who migrated from west Pakistan, mostly from PoK, have been living in Jammu & Kashmir, but have not been allowed to exercise their voting rights in local elections. Ironically, they were allowed to vote for the Lok Sabha poll. Sadly, they were not included in the decision-making process in the Assembly election of the State. The current scheme, released by the Union Government for PoK refugees, includes concessions in special recruitment drives for induction into paramilitary forces, equal employment opportunities in the State, admission for children of the refugees in Kendriya Vidyalayas etc. At a time when the Government has taken the first step to offer relief to PoK refugees, many have argued that it should also make some policy guidelines for settling the Internally Displaced People (IDP).