Traffic Police mute spectator to parking on roadside despite having JDA Parking at Maheshpura Chowk

golden yug
[ June 01, 2017 ] At a time when general public is crabbing for proper parking facilities in Jammu city and also transporters facing extreme hardships for parking their vehicles and immense hardships for passengers face difficulties in locating power places to board passenger vehicles. Readers will be surprised to know that when a JDA parking is available it is not being used for the reasons well known to JDA and SSP Traffic. It deserves mentioning here that JDA allotted a parking lot at Maheshpura Chowk adjoining with attendants inn (Saray) in favour of Miss Nishy Charak in the month of December 2016 after receiving highest bid of Rs 3.56 lacs for one year. Accordingly contract getter deposited the said amount with JDA within the prescribed time period. Ironically the possession has not been given to right bidder so far by JDA as it has been alleged that the parking slot was already in favour of one Vijay Singh Billa illegally and who is not allowing the parking lot to be used by new bidder as his tenure of using parking slot had already end way back in 2010. After getting harassed by JDA which failed to handover the possession to the legal alotee despite depositing the requisite amount knocked the door of High Court to seek justice vide No. OWP-637/2017 and directed JDA to handover the possession of parking slot in favour of petitioner with in the week time. Under pressure JDA handed over the possession to allotter on 25-5-2017 after order of High Court passed on 18-05-2017. However as per the alottee after getting possession, the matadors instead of using parking slot infect using road side as parking which is against the spirit of Court’s direction forbidding to use road as parking and has also directed the concerned authorities to take serious note of this against the violators and the vehicles so wrong parked must be released through Court. It deserves mentioning here that this parking stand is for the matadors coming from Gole Gujral Camp, Karloop, Mud Block, Sarora, Akalpur routes and was being used earlier by passenger’s vehicles in the past also. It has also been reported that the allotter then approached the JDA Vice Chairman who according to allotter made calls to SSP Traffic about the incident and for necessary action. But nothing happened on the ground. It is sad to note that despite in the mind of SSP and immense sufferings to passengers said officer has not done the needful as the road is being used as parking spot openly and brazenly. As per rates fixed by JDA parking charges for to and fro once costs Rs 10 and maximum Rs 30 per day. No use of JDA Parking and misuse of road as parking slot is a matter of serious concern and contempt of Court and also raises eye brows about the working of traffic police whose functioning has always questionable and has time and again has been accused of busy in challans ignoring management of smooth traffic in city. It is sad to note that after the direction of High Court, SSP had directed the concerned Police officers to implement the High Court Order in letter and spirit but unfortunately in this case it seems that traffic Police has forgotten the direction. The traffic Police should immediately look into the matter and should stop this violation immediately. Moreover the alottee has deposited the amount in lacs to get the tender and is facing hardships in managing the affairs of family as he has not been allowed to generate money due to parking of vehicles on the road side instead of the JDA parking which is legal and in favour of all.