Separatists thriving on ‘Hawala’ money

Shubham Sharma
[ June 03, 2017 ] Terrorism is possibly Jammu and Kashmir"s sole profitable enterprise; although 27 years of violence have ruined the State"s people, the protagonists of the crisis appear to have transformed tragedy into sleaze. There is a lot of trade along the border that takes place on the barter system. Terrorists, separatists and their agents pose as traders and exchange money along the border. Very often, these persons also pass on money which is in turn brought into India and handed out to separatists and terrorists. Investigations have shown that there were at least 48 agents until 2014 who were using the barter system to fund terrorism in the valley. The NIA and the ED had found that these persons had moved Rs 7.5 million in 20 different cases. NIA sources say that the funding has gone both to terrorist groups and separatists. Money has been pumped into the Hurriyat Conference, Jammu-Kashmir Liberation Front, Islamic Students Front, Hizbul Mujahideen, Jaish-e-Mohammad and Jamiat ul-Mujahideen. Investigations had found that a considerable amount of the money had been used to fuel the 2010 unrest in Jammu and Kashmir. The NIA says that funding is the biggest concern and this route and channel needs to be broken. "These troublemakers do anything for money and Pakistan is not hesitant to pump in as much as is possible to keep the fire in the valley burning. Letterheads of Hizbul Mujahideen and Lashkar-e Tayyeba (LeT) and more than Rs 1 crore in cash were seized by the National Investigation?Agency on Saturday when it carried out raids at 22 locations in Kashmir, Delhi and Haryana to investigate alleged Pakistan-based funding for violence in the Valley.NIA chief Sharad Kumar said the raids were carried out at 14 places in Kashmir and 8 in the national capital. An NIA?spokesperson later said the searches yielded at least Rs 1.15 crore in cash and property-related documents. People questioned during the searches gave up other locations, which the NIA said would also be raided. The NIA action came after registration of a formal FIR in the case in connection with the larger conspiracy to fund separatists in the Valley from Pakistan. The FIR alleges that money received from Pakistan is used to fund violence in the Kashmir Valley, including activities such as stone pelting on security forces and torching of schools and government buildings. Though raids to find out connection of hawala money handlers in Kashmir valley and other parts of country are welcome step, but it seems more of helplessness of BJP to act under pressure. The point we want to make over here, the BJP who during the ten years of Congress rule gave hundreds of suggestion to deal with Kashmir. Now, there is no justification on part from BJP, that it took three years to understand that hawala money is being used by separatists to incite and provoked people to act against India on the behest of our neighbouring country Pakistan. Notwithstanding the fact that trouble creatures are getting money for this and the same has been exposed several times and even them giving long ropes to the anti-social elements is highly questionable on part of successive union governments. A respect to this series that it is nothing but leniency on part of all the governments, both state and centre which has brought the unrest situation in valley. There is a well-known saying that it is never too late to mend, if at all BJP has taken a step it should be taken to its logical conclusion and these sedition charges should be framed against the accused so that they cannot easily breathe in open and free air.