Mutual trust, fairplay and modesty must

Shubham Sharma
[ June 05, 2017 ] Sports are the foundation of health and physical fitness. Noble game with ‘Fair Play’ and sportsman spirit is filled with excitement, thrill, discipline, team spirit, co-operation and hard work. Sportsman Spirit also combines a sense of friendliness as well as sensation in our minds. This type of spirit is a source of inspiration for the mind. This affects the mind too, skill is a mental quality and certain dexterity is also needed. This is an excellent quality in a man, which enables oneself to accept defeat cheerfully.Life is full of failures and successes but it’s up to us to decide how we perceive the outcome as well as our identity. When we play a game, say soccer or cricket, we are bound to lose or win. Sportsman spirit is the act of accepting one’s success with humility. This type of policy helps us to cope with failures and disappointments that come our way and to make renewed and challenging efforts to achieve success next time. But at the same time, we will develop the way to concentrate and try to win the next game. At such situations, we learn to accept defeat gracefully. If we lose hope and curse ourselves and fate, we can never progress in life or in the field of sport. A player maybe practically reduced to nothing, but he can work hard and start right from scratch. He can recall how the other team’s calibre had inspired him to match up to their level and improve himself. One should make efforts always to cultivate and harvest sportsman spirit in themselves. We need to keep one’s chin up even in the face of adversity. Indoor and outdoor games can always be provided for children so that they can improve sportsman spirit and acquire training in the game of loss and gain. Discipline must also be maintained in any sport we play, it controls one’s fancies, impulses and desires. It is the breath of a civilized life. When a player has all the good qualities on the pitch, he naturally exhibits them in the wider sphere of life. A sportsman is always fair in his dealings with other people and never hits his enemies below the belt; he obeys his superiors and never feels heartbroken on account of disappointments. These type of people shall be admired everywhere with respect and dignity. This helps us indeed, to inculcate manliness and the will to fight against all odds and unfavorable circumstances. Victory and defeat in the field of sports makes a man strong enough to face life with courage and fortitude.The value of games and sports in our life is indubitable. The games and supports not only keep happy and healthy all those who play it, they not only teach us self-discipline but also develop leadership and the qualities of mutual help, cooperation and sharing qualities. Over and above it prepares us to accept defeat and failures in our lives. All the games should be played in its true spirit without keeping any ill will against the players we play. It is unfortunate to note that during India vs Pakistan cricket match in the Champions Trophy at Edgbaston stadium in Birmingham. Some over enthusiastic lover of the game took the celebration of the Indian victory other way and come out with the statements which are at all not justified, we are civilized country and our peoples are highly civilized, we don’t believe in tit for tat policy. It has never been our culture at way of living. In this regard electronic channels also out of way broadcast the celebrations of Indian victory as if defeating Pakistan in a cricket match means something highly precious in life. The main reason for this is due to hostile relationship between India and Pakistan anything positive is presented in a highly exuberant way, exploiting the sentiments of common man. Thereby staking, the law and order as such kind of reporting and celebration can provoke the other community and not only this. Anti – social elements used this to further exploit innocent people for their better interest. Fans must understand to show love for your country and be patriotic, you don’t have to hate Pakistan, which has been ploy by the political parties for their vote bank politics and anti-social elements for their nefarious designs.