Transfer industry blossoming out of proportions – Hindu Mahasabha

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[ June 10, 2017 ] Shifting of officers and staff is imperative for smooth running of organizations and to achieve various ends of public satisfaction, the need for issuing transfer orders arises. Administration has to work from different angles to ensure that honest and zealous stuff is put to work in the field to generate public confidence and to fulfil the requirements of society. There are instances where the officers and lower staff do not suit to the minimum requirements at a particular place resulting in hue and cry that forces the higher hierarchy to indulge and resort to replacement for a better output. Of late, the transfer aspect has assumed a very gloomy picture. During the last 5-6 months, there have been rampant and bulk transfers in various departments. The number of transfers in one order in many cases surpassed 100 odd officers, which is nothing but an alarm to signify that there is something fishy either inside the system or in the execution of such high quantum of transfer. Political intervention, pleasure sending and underhand acts in such cases cannot and should not be ruled out. It has been observed that many officers who were transferred 3-4 months back, once again got replaced with prize slots. Newspapers and social media sites are agog with news on rampant transfer orders issued from various departments of the Civil Secretariat, many a times at the higher level without approval from the Cabinet. There is a sort of race working, as is evident. Say for instance, the Forest Department orders transfer of officers, the next day there is a big bang order transferring several doctors. Taking cue, the Education Department, then PHE, PWD, Accounts and Treasuries, Industries, Planning etc try to take a lead and to make a mark. I had a chance to come across a newly promoted Executive Engineer of the Power Development Department, who is making rounds of the residences and offices of bigwigs for getting him a so-called good positioning in Jammu District, said Seema Mahajan of Hindu Mahasabha. He was allegedly found making promises for a suitable compensation in lieu but it came to be learnt that the deal could not be stuck because of dual political role that had to come in play for issuing orders. Capability, potential to deliver and the commitment is not mandatory in placement now- a- days, which is largely leading to inadequate services. Power crisis, scarcity of water, dilapidated roads, poor sanitary conditions, traffic chaos, poor policing, mal-functioning in Rural Development Department at different levels is order of the day. Recurrent hartals and dharnas by the Medical Employees and Adhoc Lecturers have been creating a situation that are receding confidence in Governance. No heed is being paid from any angle to settle the demands of the agitators and even during the scorching sun, they have been left of roads at the mercy of God. The ineffective Government machinery is always indecisive and the problems of the people are aggravating. It is astonishing how the Ministries and departmental heads instead of mitigating public grievances, remain busy planning lists of transfers and issuing orders for reasons that need no explanation, said Seema Mahajan of Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha Mahila Wing. This information is purely based on the orders posted on different departmental sites, GAD sites, J&K Police site, newspapers and social apps. She said, in the month of January as disclosed by some source, some transfers were ordered from an elite Directorate on the basis of the transferees having approached a Peer in Anantnag to harm the senior officer, magically. The sycophants to gain proximity with the departmental head and his family created frivolous stories and misguided him that there are attempts to cause him serious damage, leading to innocent sufferings. How ironical in this era!