Eye Ward and Eye Operation Theatre for Kishtwar became dream of public . Official documentation shows bungling of amount meant for construction of Eye Ward ,

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[ June 10, 2017 ] In a much publicised incident of bungling of amount meant to public , Eye Ward and Eye Operation Theatre became a dream of public of Kishtwar as from last two years still no construction was made by executing agency . As per official documents of District Superintending Engineer PWD ( R&B) cirle Doda reveals that concerned department vide official letter no DSED / R&B / 6421-22 dated 05 / 10 / 2015 with reference to letter Executive Engineer PWD R&B division Kishtwar e-NIT No 13 / 2015 - 16 dated 13 / 06 / 2015 issued vide letter No e-tender /Kishtwar / 1188-1261 dated 13 /06 / 2015 with an "Advertised cost amounting 74.81 lacs against an Alloted cost amounting 71.65 lacs ( read official letter ) . Receiving the bid in reference to above cited e-NIT regarding construction of Eye Ward and Eye Operation Theatre for district Kishtwar was allotted in favour of Shri Chander Mohan Gupta Contractor class AAA possessing registration card no PHEJ / PS / A / 22 / 2002-03 dated 23 / 04 / 2003 on his quoted rates as the executed work was strictly in accordance with the specification laid in the e-N-I-T. The work was allotted in favour of above said contractor along with few terms and conditions among which , the work shall be executed only if there is requisite provision available in the AAA and funds are available . Beside all terms and conditions , The work shall be started only after drawal of agreement within 07 days from date of allotment of contact and work shall be completed within period of (06) six months after drawal of agreement , Had the drawal of agreement made between both or not , it is yet to be mentioned . In this regard EMD in Shape of CDR No 238290 dated 03 / 07 / 2015 amounting to Rs 150000 drawn on the J&K Bank Main Branch Kishtwar in the shape of earnest money pledged to the Superintending Engineer PWD R&B Circle Doda has been retained in this office and shall be realesed only after completion of work physically and valve of work under no circumstances is permitted to exceed Rs 71.65 lacs . As per the Anexure A the construction of Eye Ward and Eye Operation Theatre for district kishtwar was issued vide No DSE /R&B / 6421-22 dated 05 / 10 / 2015 in favour of Chander Mohan Gupta class AAA contractor as the particulars / description of work was divided into 17 phases along with quantity , units and rates of phases . The official document reveals that all formalities were completed but work is still lying pending from 2015 . Beside all this Executive Engineer PWD R&B division Kishtwar vide official letter No EE / R&B / K / 669-74 dated 21 / 04 / 2017 invited fresh AAA for construction of Eye Ward and Eye Operation Theatre for district Hospital Kishtwar with reference to letter of Cheif Medical Officer Kishtwar vide CMO / K / Plg / Eye / Ward / 2016-17 / 1359-61 . In this letter concerned department captioned application for administrative approval for an amount of Rs 122.79 lacs as per general contract of cost enclosed for favour of further necessary action. In this regard AAA has been framed as desired by Director Health Services Jammu vide communicated by Chief Medical Officer Kishtwar ( read official letter as mentioned above ) . This official letter reveals that the earlier AAA submitted for an amount of Rs 85 lacs stand cancelled and fresh AAA is now being submitted for an amount of Rs 122.79 lacs is accorded in favour of AAA . In the application of administrative approval Construction of Eye Ward and Eye O.T for district hospital Kishtwar is divided into six general and twelve sub phases costing Rs 81.87 lacs and price of escalation reaches to the total cost Rs 122.79 lacs . Revealing the technical report by the authority vide Director Health Services Jammu letter No DHS-J /Scg /NPCB / 357-58 dated 18 / 02 / 2012 conveyed by CMO Kishtwar vide No CMO / K / construction /4123-25 dated 02 / 03 / 2012 mentioning the History and Necessity, proposal, Specifications including "Foundation and plinth , Super structure , Joinery, Finishing, Roofing, Flooring, Miscellaneous and others among which the work is estimated to cost of Rs 122.79 lacs on basis oc plinth area rated as indicated in general abstract . As per fresh AAA the work shall be completed in two working seasons subject to availability of funds , construction materials and others . It is important to mention here that from last two years the Contractor failed to execute the work of construction beside this the fresh contract was approved in favour of said contractor who failed to work . The truth of District Hospital Kishtwar sparks on forefront when District Coordinator Hindustan Shiv Sena district Kishtwar Mr Tilak Raj Shan filed an RTI application and in this regard getting reply of RTI vide CMO / K / 445 dated 29 / 05 / 2017 reveals that payment of Rs 4147000 has been made to the SE PWD (R&B) circle Dida vide cheque No 32860301 dated 18 / 22 / 2012 , however till day no expenditure is shown by executing agency . District Coordinator Hindustan Shiv Sena Kishtwar Tilak Raj Shan sharing the details said "that whatever we can say this , weather it is corruption and embezzlement in Health sector , as State government is claiming to provide better health services at doorstep, then why till day Eye Ward is not constructed as all legal documents were completed . Adding that if the contractor failed to execute work in year 2015 then why not the AAA card was cancelled as it is creating a burden on state exchequer " . Mr Shan demanded Vigliance inquiry in this matter so as corrupt and erring officers shall booked according to law and urged upon Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Ms Mehbooba Mufti to take her personal intervention and direct concerned authorities in construction of Eye Ward and Eye Operation Theatre for district Hospital kishtwar at an earliest so as poor peoples of kishtwar district shall take sigh of relief . It is pertinent to mention that State Health Minister Shri Bali Bhagat hails from same region did nothing during his tenure as District Hospital Kishtwar is facing acute shortage of Senior Specialists, Doctors , Paramedical Staffs and others resulting that minor ailments are referred to Government Medical College Jammu for further treatment .