Don’t move two steps back with one step forward

golden yug
[ June 14, 2017 ] It seems that Information department is not serious with regard to improvement in its functioning as by taking one step forward and taking two steps back. This is evident from the notice of department informing that a drop box has been placed at the entrance of the office to put newspapers in the box for the attendance purpose. This facility is more or less risky as this box has no lock and some vested interests may play foul by disappearing newspapers owing to having bad relations with other newspapers. It will create more chaos and confusions as if the newspaper is not found by department but actually has been delivered by editor of newspaper, then under the circumstances whose responsibility will be this if the paper is not found. By this it will unnecessarily give rise to verbal duels between editors and the staff of department as in this position there is likelihood that no one will like to budge. It will be in interest of department for the smooth functioning to adopt receipt system so that unnecessary argumentation can be avoided and also it will ensure the transparency on part of both department and editors as then there will be proof of attendance no one can have any say then. Therefore Information department must immediately stop this facility and infect switch on to receipt system on daily basis to ensure accountability and transparency. Moreover as per press laws applicable in J&K, every publisher is bound to submit the edition of newspaper within 48 hours of the publication.The newspapers are the major source of highlighting the achievements of the government but the department concerned is forcing the newspaper fraternity to go against the government as they have been discriminated. Moreover newspaper for editor is his/her prestige and honour and any disrespect to newspaper is like pricking his/her soul. It is painful to throw the newspapers in box like we throw any waste material of no use. Until newspaper reaches readers it takes lot of hard work of editor including days and nights and after it becomes readable, no editor can see his/her paper dumped like trash which is also disregard to newspaper and editor also. Media can play highly constructive role in building favorable image of the State. But the cooperation of department in reaching out to the people on various welfare and development programmes for their effective implementation is equally important by ensuring fair treatment with all newspapers whether small or big media houses. Department must understand that media is the fourth pillar of democracy and plays a vital role in maintaining necessary checks and balances which are essential for ensuring transparency and accountability in the system. The success of a democratic set up depends on an informed society wherein proactive press plays an indispensable role. Government must be aware of the problems being faced by the media persons in the State while reporting conflict, cross border firing and other risky situations. For a proper functioning of democracy it is essential that citizens are kept informed about news from various parts of the country and even abroad, because only then can they form rational opinions. A citizen surely cannot be expected personally to gather news to enable him or her to form such opinions. Hence, the media play an important role in a democracy and serve as an agency of the people to gather news for them. It is for this reason that freedom of the press has been emphasized in all democratic countries.