Ex Dy Directors Fire & Emergency Services and cashier in Dock

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[ June 14, 2017 ] Srinagar: Crime Branch Kashmir presented charge sheet of case FIR No. 17 of 2014 U/S 409, 468, 471, 477-A, 120-B RPC r/w 5(2) Prevention of Corruption Act 2006 before the hon’ble court of Addl. Sessions Judge, Pulwama (Anti-corruption court) against 02 DY. Directors and cashier of Fire & Emergency Services namely , Ab. Hameed Wani, Riyaz-u-Din Shah & Zahoor Ahmad Sheikh. The case came to be registered on a communication of Director Fire and Emergency Service J&K Srinagar alleging therein that the above named Dy. Directors and cashier during their tenure in Fire & Emergency Services Command, Kulgam have misappropriated huge amount worth 18.89 Lacs on account of fictitious salary. The investigation conducted has revealed that accused Ab. Hamid Wani and Reyaz-u-din Shah were posted as Assistant Directors Fire and Emergency Service Command Kulgam w.e.f. Jan 2012 to June 2012 and July 2012 to Feb. 2014 respectively. Similarly accused Zahoor Ahmad was posted as cashier in the said office in terms of order dated 18-04- 2012. The investigation has further revealed that accused Zahoor Ahmad in the capacity of cashier of the command was assigned the job of preparation of bills for drawl of salary in respect of the employees on roll and accused Ab. Hamid and Reyaz-u-din were functioning as drawing and disbursing officers during the period of March 2012 to Nov. 2013. The accused public servants under a well designed conspiracy were found to have dishonestly and fraudulently and by abuse of their official position resorted to falsification/manipulation of salary bills w.e.f March 2012 to Nov. 2013 and have drawn excess salary/ amount as against the actual salary to be drawn for the said period . It was found that the actual salary for the above said period to have been drawn works out to be Rs 3,98,90,999 while as the accused public servant have dishonestly drawn an amount of Rs 4,17,80,342 and as such were found to have drawn Rs 18,89343 in excess. A perusal of the salary bills in question would reveal that the accused public servants have shown wrong calculation in respect of the actual amount due for drawl and have thereby paved way for themselves to draw excess amount and subsequent misappropriation. The salary bills drawn dishonestly and fraudulently during the period under report were subjected to examination by forensic expert and the opinion received has confirmed accused public servants as authors of the bills. The investigation has further revealed that subsequent to the fraudulent drawl of above said amount of Rs 18,89,343 same was found transferred into account Nos. 17966,28138,9269 and 20537 at the ratio of Rs 314092,155004,208040 and 1004167 respectively. These accounts were found maintained at JK Banks Qazigund in the name of Jan Khursheed, Fahmeeda, Javaid Ahmad and Zahoor Ahmad respectively. The excess amount drawn was found transferred in above said accounts through the mode of fictitious advices by showing the account holders as ghost employees. Thus on the strength of evidence oral and documentary coupled with opinion of forensic expert, the investigation has established that accused public servants have by abuse of their official position dishonestly and fraudulently resorted to falsification/ manipulation of salary bills for the period of March 2012 to Nov.2013 and have thereby fraudulently withdrawn an amount of Rs 18,89,343 in excess and subsequently misappropriated. It was found that accused DY. Directors have already retired from service as such necessary sanction for launching prosecution as envisaged U/S 6 of P.C Act 2006 is no more required. However, in respect of accused public servant Zahoor Ahmad who is still in active service. Govt/ competent authority after application of mind on the material collected/ seized during investigation has accorded sanction for launching prosecution against the said accused in terms of order No. 11-GAD(vig) of 2017 Dated 17-02-2017.