Court rejects bail in rape case

golden yug
[ June 14, 2017 ] Jammu: Third Additional Sessions Judge Jammu Kishore Kumar rejected the bail application of Sunil Kumar S/o Chaman Lal R/o Chanu Chak, Jammu who was allegedly involved in rape case.According to the police case that that during the night of 02.11.2014, prosecutrix and her parents were sleeping in different rooms of their house, accused had lured the prosecutrix, aged 16 years, 5 months and 9 days and kidnapped her, took her Mendhar, where he had kept her in a rented accommodation and committed rape on her, on the next day, accused had brought her back to his village at Chanu Chak, kept her in a room of the school building for 6/7 days and committed rape on her. On 13.12.2014, police had recovered the prosecutrix from the possession of accused at Janipur. Third Additional Sessions Judge Jammu Kishore Kumar after hearing APP Vijay Kumar for the State whereas Adv Roop Lal for the accused observed that offences allegedly committed by the accused carry punishment not less than ten years and may extend to life imprisonment and serious in nature, it is considered to be a menace and threat to the society as a whole. With these observations Court rejected the bail application.