Discrimination with Jammu in public domain, when will BJP wake?

golden yug
[ June 15, 2017 ] The Government is not performing according to the Agenda of Alliance. The farmers, business community, traders, students are totally fed up with this non-performing Government, which has failed on all fronts whether it is providing basic facilities to the people or paying timely wages to the daily wagers working in various departments of the State or checking price hike of essential commodities. There has been a massive student and youth uproar over the biased selections of Lecturers and Assistant Professors having been made during the last two years by the Public Service Commission. Discrimination against educated unemployed youth of Jammu region had aggravated during the BJP-PDP rule. BJP leaders had already belied their hopes and aspirations by succumbing over the issue of "New Recruitment Policy" providing for stipendiary mode of recruitment. Traders, businessmen, farmers, unemployed, families of the martyrs, border residents besides daily wagers, casual workers, contractual lecturers, etc .had been bearing the brunt of the discrimination in all spheres. People had pinned high hopes from the BJP but tragically the saffron party failed to fulfill their aspirations. BJP, which is now a day’s busy in celebrating Modi’s fest in different parts of Jammu and Kashmir after the completion of three years of NDA government must introspect whether it deserves any celebration in Jammu region or not because discrimination with it has reached at its peak. To my surprise and to the surprise of many the same BJP which use to hit the streets with every single discrimination with Jammu has now turned into deaf and dumb. The so called champions of Jammu cause now saw retaining their chair without least caring about the discrimination with Jammu youth in the recent selection by JKPSC. BJP has put its leaders on mute mode they neither listen to any grievances nor reaching over it. How shameful this for the Jammu region, who over vehemently supported Modi and BJP in Jammu. It is the high time for Jammu BJP to address the problems of the Jammu region or otherwise ready to face the anger of region. Recent incidents in JKPSC is a tip of ice – berg. Does BJP lost the moral responsibility i.e to serve the Jammu region.BJP failed to deliver the promises it made to the people during and before the assembly elections. Jammu region gave its mandate to BJP, but still it is facing discrimination.BJP who is the part of coalition has lost the trust of the people of Jammu region, because of utter failure of the coalition to fulfill their tall claims during and after elections and their opportunist and contradictory stand on every important issue in the state.If at all, BJP is not listening the grievances of the youth which is the call of Prime Minister Narinder Modi, then they have to pull themselves out from the government.BJP got mandate from the Jammu region and in return they betrayed the youth of Jammu. BJP is indulging in only taking credits and photo session. This is not the game between Jammu and Kashmir and those who are trying to portrait it as between Jammu and Kashmir are trying to divert the real issues which they have to address and in which they were continuously failed to do so .