One hitting with bats and other dodging with sticks

shubham sharma
[ June 20, 2017 ] The national sport of a country is either designated on the basis of the popularity of a game in that country, or on the basis of its historical connect from that country. Its national game status may also rise from the fact that the sport in question has a long standing rich legacy for that particular country. The most obvious reason for designating a sport as the national sport of the country is this obvious association of pride that it evokes in the hearts of the countrymen. Field Hockey is considered as the national game of India. The game can either be played on a grass field or on the turf, a specially made mat-like material. India’s performance in Hockey at various international forums was phenomenal during 1920-1950’s period and that was probably why the sport became accepted as national sport in the country. The state of the Indian hockey team is not enshrouded in and outside India. Citing it as a national game and regaling it with grime, this is the state of Hockey in our country. Sports in India have gained a special kiosk, especially, Cricket which is commercialized for good and even for bad. If this is the sport which people love the most, then, no harm in making it richer, as people enjoy and players earn their purse strings? But if game is turned to a market place of buyers and sellers, then spectators have no role to play. They feel useless. IPL may have attracted viewers seeking for entertainment but the passion which shows when India-Pakistan match takes place, was missing. It’s an outright three hours of amusement minus the jingoism. We have to maintain the pride of nationality in this sport; lets stride and make it national in the real sense of the word. So, that we are proud to address it with the title we do at present. This is only possible, if we enthuse our souls with the ethics of sports. Be it Hockey or Cricket, it’s not time to fight but to maintain the dignity of play and let them share their deserving and recognized space. They are the sports of the same region. It is certainly amazing that a sports primarily started by the Britishers to enjoy their time in a leisurely manner has found its most devoted followers in India. In the beginning the game flourished among the rich and the mighty thanks to patronage of their colonial masters. India even before gaining Independence started playing test cricket from 1932.If you are a sports loving person, Sunday has emerged as one where you can"t take your eyes off the TV screens. Pakistan beat India by 180 runs and won ICC Champions Trophy 2017. India also played very well but at last there is only one winner. Every Indian was stick to its TV and cheer for Indian cricket team but it is very unfortunate, that on same day another Indian team was playing for its nation and only a small number of peoples hardly knew about that match because that was a Hockey match between India vs. Pakistan. We, lost cricket match against Pakistan but won hockey match against it. Hockey is our national sport and it is so popular in India that we have to create a special advertisement to promote the game. It is so popular that even after so many hockey leagues, people have to be reminded of about it. I hope every game gets the same importance as cricket. Out of this big population of our country, we can manage to find the bests in every sport, if the right infrastructure is provided to the people who are interested in that particular sport, only cricket academies and a few sports academies won"t help. Cricket is Popular in India than any other sport. It got a huge fan which is increasing every year for the achievements over the Period. Introduction of IPL and Twenty 20 made it more popular. Many don’t know about the leaders of the country but they do know Cricketers who play for India and the IPL teams. Indian Team players are paid huge Remuneration per year apart from Perks and match fees played for every match but this is not the case with hockey. Hockey is not a popular sport in India. This is just because of the way in which the media focused cricket. The sports channels in India are not even interested in telecasting the hockey matches. The main reason is because of the advertisement. There are not enough sponsors for hockey. India and Pakistan have enjoyed contrast results and performances so far in the Hockey World League 2017 in England. Even though the Indian cricket team failed to cross the line against Pakistan in the final of the Champions Trophy at the Oval, the Indian Men’s Hockey Team demolished a hapless Pakistan 7-1 to register their third consecutive victory and seal a place in the quarter-finals of the Hockey World League Semi-Final. Indian cricket team has to take some lessons from the Indian hockey players as the Indian hockey players walked on to the pitch at the Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Stadium wearing black arm bands for their match against Pakistan to condole the deaths of martyrs in the recent attacks on the Indian army. The hockey fraternity in India has always been vocal about the pride and respect they have for the Indian soldiers and have always condemned such barbaric acts. So much so, that PR Sreejesh had dedicated the team’s victory at the 2016 Asian Champions Trophy to the soldiers, where they beat Pakistan in the Final.