JMC’s efforts fail to yield fruitful results on ground, no visible improvement at prominent places

golden yug
[ June 20, 2017 ] Notwithstanding, the tall claims Jammu Municipal corporation to streamline the working of hawkers which have been an act of nuisance for the general public as they found in selling the products that they don’t ever bother their consuming much needed of roads and even encroaching footpaths. Jammu, a city of temples witness pilgrims and tourists in good numbers throughout the area from different parts of the country. Most of these travel via trains, however when they reach Jammu railway station they carry a bad impression when they go back. The reason for this is unorganized rehries in front of main gate of railway station. They have consumed considerable space causing so many problems for pedestrian and also tourists and pilgrims who also face similar problems. Despite being having a parking for vehicles in railway station, the vehicles were not parked at the parking place. It is surprising that concern authorities are so callous about the security purview allowing such kinds of rehries putting the lives of general public and the tourists and pilgrims from outside in danger forgetting completely that how sensitive the state of Jammu and Kashmir is. Jammu Municipal Corporation, which now and often beats the drums of success claiming proper organization of rehrie zones to whole of the city, is so irresponsible and neglected not to see security risks allowing such persons to occupy space at prominent and important and important places like railway stations. This is not restricted to railway station only which we are discussing right now but there are similar scenarios in look and corner of the city, go to any part of the city and you will find fully crowded roads even leaving no space for the pedestrians. This is very serious issue as annual Shri Amar Nath ji yatra is round the corner and despite the fact that every year yatra remains at the radar of terrorist outfits to target the yatra . Such a neglecting gesture on part of security when you allow such rehries towards the main gate of the railway station people are likely to flock around them for purchasing and in the crowd any untoward incident takes places.The team of JMC continues taking action against illegal rehries plying on the main roads causing traffic congestion and seized trucks load of materials viz plastic crates, weighing machines , Umbrellas which are placed by the shop keepers, phariewalas on the footpath / pavement and cleared the footpaths and pavements. The Jammu Municipal Corporation appeals to rehri owners to ply rehri only after obtaining proper rehri licence from Jammu Municipal Corporation in the rehrie zone/location formulated for rehries and not to encroach the footpaths. JMC has declared Bakshi Nagar, Shalamar, Residency Road, Kanak Mandi, Maheshpura, Rani Park etc as rehri free zones and appeals to the rehri owners not to ply their rehries in no rehri zone (rehri free zone) and cooperate with JMC in making Jammu a smart and traffic free city. The rehriwalas were directed to install their rehries in rehri zones designated by JMC and were also directed not to encroach road and footpaths leading to traffic congestion in the city. They were directed to get themselves registered in JMC by obtaining license. Guidelines regarding maintenance of cleanliness in and around their working area, use of gloves and aprons and use of biodegradable items only are also issued. The Jammu Municipal Corporation also distributes the dustbins and rehri plates with unique licence identity numbers amongst the street vendors/rehriwalas. However results on the ground are not satisfactory.