BJP on back foot in coalition Govt, sacrificing ideology to remain in Govt

Shubham Sharma
[ June 21, 2017 ] When the PDP – BJP completely opposed in their ideologies but joined hands in Jammu and Kashmir to form the government, Several phrases and proverbs were used claiming that such a government based on the concept of marriage of convenience will not last long. However, both the political parties from day one were of the view that the government will be run in accordance with agenda of alliance. The agenda of alliance was not to highlight and discuss controversial issues having proper place in both the core agenda of the parties. However, till now the worst victim of this sort of arrangement to run the government has been the Jammu region. It is more unfortunate than ever, to note that the discrimination with Jammu region has enhanced much more than before under BJP rule. There is no denying to the fact both Jammu and Ladakh and a considerable part of Kashmir has always been with India and it has been shown time and again by supporting every move of central government in state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is an issue of self-respect and prestige for BJP whose coalition partner in Jammu and Kashmir government, if it fails to implement GST in Jammu and Kashmir where except Kerala whole of India with lot of enthusiasm is getting ready to celebrate this historical moment from July 1. BJP needs to seriously introspect , whether it should continue an alliance with PDP who is strict to its core agenda from day one whereas , BJP continuously changing stance Keeping in view the opposition it faces at state level and at national level . On one hand BJP told the Supreme court, that it is ready to talk to everyone whosoever wants to talk under the preview of Indian Constitution but it will not talk to separatists whom it considers nobody in Kashmir. But now, BJP’s General Secretary and Chief Architect of the coalition government in Jammu and Kashmir Ram Madhav has all of sudden has come out with a bizarre statement that separatist having stake in Kashmir . From this particular statement he voters of Jammu region must be wondering to analyze whether it is the same BJP who had sought 44 plus in state with praise that discrimination with Jammu and all other issues which could not be solve due to the dominance of Kashmiri leadership in Jammu and Kashmir. Surely, the BJP which claims to be the champions of Jammu cause has miserable failed to highlight and address the issues of Jammu region in every sector. The failure of assembly session called by governor to discuss the GST, on the very first day is a serious setback for BJP and to some extent favorable to PDP. Moreover , it was not appropriate in part of government to enter into a debate in an assembly before calling all party meeting which is also a protocol and the decorum in democracy who take along all the views whether favorable or divergent . It has come to the fore that BJP is only busy in retaining the chair and it has no concern and any affection with its core agenda which has been sacrificed with every move of coalition government.