Stop politics on Dalits, address their real issues

shubham sharma
[ June 22, 2017 ] The choice of dalit candidate both by NDA and its supporters and Congress led opposition is merely aim to get credit whether to claim that they have regard for Dalits and committed to their welfare whereas realities are contrary to their claims .Infect, this is a deliberately attempt to hide their failures in doing concrete for them. Nothing has been done for their welfare. It is very painful to note that by allowing a dalit to occupy a highest constitutional position but not willing to take them along, means politics of convenience. If we go through the sequence of events, with a total of 33,655 cases in 2012, 39,408 cases in 2013 and 47,064 cases in 2014 the rising cases of atrocities on Dalits are enough to clear the image. Recent incident in Gujarat where a Dalit family of seven was mercilessly beaten for skinning a dead cow or fifty Dalit families in Sehore in Madhya Pradesh seeking permission for euthanasia from CM, Shiva Singh Chauhan after their land allegedly occupied by musclemen-being born as a Dalit in India is nothing less than a sin.The problem not the law but the lack of political will, at local and national levels, to apply these laws. In 2006, the official conviction rate for Dalit atrocity cases was just 5.3%.Here are number of incidents where Dalits have either been killed or have been humiliated to such levels that death looked like a better option.Mirchpur, Hissar on 21 April 2010, 18 Dalit homes were torched and two Dalits—17-year old Suman and her 60-year old father Tara Chand—were burnt alive. Gohana, Sonepat on 31 August 2005, a strong mob of around 1000 men armed with lathees, axes, kerosene etc. barged into Balmiki colony and torched more than 60 households. It is no surprise then that a large number of Dalits who live in the countryside with very little access to education, have not benefited much. The need of the hour is to empower more Dalits by access vocational training and entrepreneurship development courses, and get technical and financial assistance for self-employment rather than playing politics on Dalits.