Govt Medical College Hospital callous towards sanitation issues

golden yug
[ June 23, 2017 ] As per the convenience of patients and their attendants, Hospital administration has introduced three kinds of entry slips for OPD patients and separate slip counterS for male, female and senior citizens costing Rs 5 per slip where as emergency treatment costs Rs 10 per slip. There is no proof in the public domain that the revenue so generated is going into govt treasury or this fund rests with Principal Medical College. What to talk of other facilities in hospital, now a day’s hospital administration facing worst kind of drainage system .A main hole which collects whole of the waste water in Medical college gathers at the second main gate adjoining Bakshi Nagar giving out foul smell making it difficult for the patients and attendants to pass through it as this particular point is blocked for days together and the waste water oozing out of this point forcing the authorities to close this main gate causing so many problems for patients and their attendants alike. It is strange such a callousness on part of hospital administration and health department is highly questionable as such a carelessness at important and delicate place like hospitals speaks volumes about the sincerity of department and hospital administration .Tall claims of the Jammu and Kashmir Health Department about it providing world class patient care in the government hospitals have proved to be a hoax as the hospitals associated with Government Medical College Jammu here have failed to provide clean environment to patients. Moreover; the top officials of Health and Medical department have turned blind eyes and are acting as mute spectators. Notwithstanding the tall claims of the government regarding improvement in health sector in the state, the health and medical education department has failed to maintain hygiene in the GMC Jammu. The Doctors time and again have cautioned that Patients at government hospitals were at high risk of infection due to poor hygiene practices.“It is surprising that hospitals associated with the Government medical college in Jammu as well in Srinagar have not been able to maintain cleanliness and hygiene even after having the manpower and funds to do the job. If you will visit the government hospitals in Jammu, you will found that things are in a mess. Toilets are littered and a foul smell emanated from every nook and corner. It will not be an exaggeration to say that it is advisable for patients not to go to such toilets on health grounds. Such a state of affairs is prevailing despite the fact that the authorities have outsourced cleanliness of hospitals. Poor and ineffective practice in relation to the use of personal protective equipment, and hand hygiene practices are also very poor in government hospitals. As per the record available, the then Principal Medical College, Dr Zahid H Geelani approved the engagement of 60 safaikaramcharis for the cleanliness of Super Specialty Hospital Jammu. As per the negotiation between contractor and Principal, safaikaramcharies were to work in three shifts. It deserves mentioning here that one M/S Jammu Sanitation Club, Subash Nagar Jammu whose contract was already in progress in other hospitals of city was given only one month approval on the pretext of checking the performance as per the requirements of Hospital authorities which is surprising as the contractor who is already serving safaikaramcharis was given one month time for analyzing his performance was only an eye wash to claim transparency and concern. In addition to this Principal Medical College Jammu also assigned the work namely cleaning and sanitation of toilets , bathrooms, Urenals washing Washbasin etc at Govt Medical College Hospital Jammu to the Controller Sulabh International Social Service Organization, 62/1 Trikuta Nagar Jammu at Rs 176800 monthly. As per the contract established vide No.GMC/PS/1277-A Dated 04-05-2016 for one year with the rates E-WC at Rs 1150 each for 17 Wards at Rs 19550,I-WC at Rs 1150 each for 74 Wards at Rs 85100, Bathrooms (31 Nos.) at Rs 1150 each 35650 per month, Washbasin ( 35 Nos) at Rs 17500, Urinal (38 Nos) at Rs 19000 each per month. Moreover no detail is available on what charges these safaikaramcharis have been engaged by hospital administration. As per the sources, Hospital administration (GMC/Super Specialty Hospital) spent Rs 78 lacs on sanitation from outsourcing in the year 2015-16 and Medical College Rs 41.95 lacs and Rs 32 lacs in 2016-17, SMGS Hospital Rs 6439755. Whereas sanctioned posts of Safaikaramcharis in all the hospitals in city include 54 at Govt Medical College/Super Specialty Hospital Jammu, 109 at SMGS Hospital, 183 at Govt Medical College Hospital Jammu. It is surprising to note that despite this sanctioned strength in hospitals, hospital authorities outsource safaikaramcharis and spend huge funds but the hygiene level inside hospitals has never ever been satisfactory particularly the toilets and bathrooms inside hospitals. It is matter of serious investigation and enquiry how the contracts were delivered in favor of contractors as there was no codal formality followed to ensure transparency as this is tax payer’s money and account of every single penny should be put into public domain. Cleaning crew has to be given proper equipment, and be made accountable for the services they are rendering. We cannot have a biomedical bomb ticking in the yards of the most trusted hospitals and have the surrounding equally dirty with general waste. “Hospitals have to shape up and maintain very high standards of cleanliness. We can’t have disease coming from within the hospitals. Govt should take measures to fix responsibilities on those not properly maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. It seems that despite spending huge funds on cleanliness at Govt hospitals, the level of hygiene level in almost all the Govt hospitals is not worth mentioning and also it is clear that misuse of power at the highest level is quite rampant as the contracts have been matured without following any codal formalities and also without taking any administrative sanctions for each work. Moreover there is no monitoring body to see whether the cleanliness work is being undertaken properly and timely and most importantly whether there is fulfillment of the objectives for which they have been engaged. Expenditure on cleanliness at Medical College in 2015-16 was Rs 20.15 lacs and in 2016-17 were Rs 9.51 lacs, Super Specialty Hospital in 2015-16 Rs 8.40 lacs and in 2016-17 Rs 32 lacs on sanitation/outsourcing of upkeep. When there are sanctioned posts 54 at Govt Medical College/Super Specialty Hospital, 109 posts at SMGS Hospital, 183 safaiwallas post at Medical College in the pay scale 4440-7440 plus grade pay Rs 1300. Total expenditure on hygiene at super specialty hospital in 2015-16 was Rs 2339.85 lacs and medical college in 2015-16 at Rs 5897.363 lacs, Rs 49357917 lacs at SMGS Hospital Jammu . The callousness in working on part of Principal Medical College Jammu is evident from the fact that a tender was floated in 1-5-2006 vide No 633-43 of 2006-07 including diet for patients in govt hospitals to a contractor initially for the five years and then keep on extending tender till now and unreasonable rates are being charged due to no new tender floated all these years. However after the matter put in public domain after the complaints by patients and their attendants few days back a tender to serve the diet to indoor patients Govt Medical College and associated hospital after eleven years issued under endorse No 1328 dated 25-01-2017 which is under consideration. This is the way the hospital authorities undertaking important tasks in Govt hospitals. Principal and Dean, Government Medical College (GMC), Chairman, CPC subcommittee, Jammu (SMGS hospital), floated a tender on May 1, 2006, calling for supply of cooked diet to in-patients vide tender No SMGS/NIT/2006-07/633-43 dated 01-05-2006 including diet to patients and canteen services. Since then, M/s Mahamaya Sales Corporation, which was allotted the contract, continues to supply the hospital diet till today. However the terms and condition were made so that which at the initial stage got permission for 5 years but at the same time condition was made that extension of 3 years and another extension of 2 years may be granted in favour of the contractor thereby indirectly or directly providing a tender for ten years in both the works i.e providing to patients and providing canteen services. Authorities also remained lenient to Sharma Brothers who are operating canteens since 2005 onwards and still continuing when the rates have been set as per the will of contractor from time to time without any interference from hospital authorities all these areas. Moreover the tender for diet to patients was deliberately published in local dailies and not any of national papers to ensure quality and competition in providing quality food to patients and that too for five years like in previous tenders . Moreover there is no mention of time period in the tender that was published in local dailies creating doubt in the minds of common man which otherwise should be put in public domain. By going with same contractor and not revising rent from time to time and without taking into consideration of quality of items at canteens has caused double loss to govt treasury, on one hand it has bad effects on patients and their attendants consuming unhygienic items at canteens and secondly causing loss to govt exchequer by sustaining with old rent which by now must have been more than double had been revised from time to time. It is unfortunate that despite huge spending on hospitals proper maintenance, no visible improvement is present anywhere in any of the Govt hospitals which means either the funds are not being utilized properly or being not spent on it. Otherwise there is no reason when you have funds for improvement and if spent, there is no improvement in Health and Medical education department . It deserves mentioning here that govt spent Rs 218877.17 lacs and 75481.43 in 2016- 2017 and in 2017-2018, govt has alloted Rs 271573.48 lacs and Rs 79300.86. lacs in Health and Medical Education Department so that the masses can avail better health services in the state .