Lynching of DySP murder of trust, unholy" act in holy Ramzan

golden yug
[ June 23, 2017 ] Deputy Superintendent of Jammu and Kashmir Police Mohammed Ayub Pandith was stoned to death by mob near Jamia Masjid in Nowhatta area of Srinagar. It was very sad and unfortunate one, that the official was killed by the mob while he was performing his duties. The unfortunate incident took place when the police official sacrificed his life in line of duty. Everyone in Kashmir was observing Shab-e-Qadr (the night of power) with night-long prayers and supplications being made inside the mosques and shrines of the valley. The authorities have already announced restrictions on movement of people in seven police station areas of the city as a precautionary measure. This recent lynching in Kashmir unfolds a relentless script of mob violence in our country. Such brutal manifestation of violence has now become a public spectacle internalized and normalized in the narrative of the modern nation. Swarming armed perpetrators chasing helpless, unknown individuals are recurrent images that craft the new language and pattern of violence. How might we make of these forms of senseless violence? Violence is now a language of political and ideological assertion for domination and control over people, who are suddenly caught unawares by angry mobs. There is numbness to the response of the public audience. Often, perpetrators of violence are not seen as aggressors, and victims are viewed as non-victims. In the cacophony of hate, anger, savagery, political and intellectual debates, justice eludes. The recent lynching shows the complexity and pattern of the violence-laden situation. The category of the ‘other’ is now uncertain and shifting. The modern state remains absolutely mute. This lynching was backed by militant outfits; they perpetrate mob violence on vulnerable individuals and communities with impunity.