Political parties determined to stick to its minority appeasement policies

shubham sharma
[ June 29, 2017 ] The Congress party in India has appeased Muslims by granting them policy favours. This strategy has produced unforeseen side effects and is leading to further fragmentation along religious lines. Shah Bano, a 70-year-old Muslim divorcee, was sanctioned maintenance money by the Supreme Court of India. Her husband was ordered to pay Rs.500 ($9 by current rates) as maintenance money. A long protest went up from the orthodox Muslims, especially the clergy who termed the decision as interference in the internal affairs of the community. 70 years after gaining independence from the British, India still has no uniform civil code and accepts personal laws on the basis of religion. Then-Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi made an initial attempt to stand up to the fundamentalists. But in the face of rising Muslim discontent inflamed by the clergy, Gandhi backed off. The Congress party, which had tacitly encouraged Muslim fundamentalists in order to garner their support during the elections, now played the appeasement card. The party could not let the judiciary wrestle Muslim support from its control. Votes were evidently more important than women’s rights. After receiving multiple flaks from the Muslim quarters on different issues like "ghar wapsi" "love jihad" and ‘beef ban’ propaganda by the affiliates of BJP like RSS ,Bajrang Dal and others the BJP government has plans to appease the Muslim. In a bid to win the Muslim community’s confidence, Narendra Modi, Prime Minster of India has purposed to bestow Bharat Ratna award, national’s highest civilian honour to thespian Dilip Kumar. Dilip Kumar whose real name is Mohammad Yusuf Khan. Dilip Kumar also holds the distinction of being member of Rajya Sabha, the upper house of Indian parliament for a term and was even appointed Sheriff of Mumbai (an honorary position) in 1980. Politics of appeasement is also still continue in the various parts of the country and Kashmir is one of them. Kashmir was on fire since the killing of the 22-year old Hizbul Mujahideen terrorist Burhan Wani. Has both the governments were not able to control the situation? Or both the governments are playing the politics of appeasement. Despite everything is in public domain every political party is only appeasing the antinational forces in valley rather than taking action on them because of the vote bank associated with them. BJP’s silence on Article 370 shows that they have shelved the issue only to appease the people of Kashmir region. Jammu and Kashmir is not the only state where appeasement is on peak, other states also works on this pattern. All the political parties consider a Muslim, a voter and not a human being. Based on the caste politics, laptops and cycles are given to those who belong to a particular community. The Muslim issue is serious in the country and politicians are reluctant to push for it. This is now left mainly to the ministry of minority affairs, which might not be the best way. If you want to provide health and infrastructure to Muslims, this ministry can provide a certain amount of money but it can"t implement it. This has rendered the ministry ineffective in its approach, as it has to largely depend on other ministries and even more on the states. At last it all depends up the political parties. The state governments have been irresponsibly brazen in its conduct of being partial to one community, thereby infringing on the fundamental rights of the others. Do not mix politics with religion it will be dangerous.