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[ June 29, 2017 ] Circular instructions have been issued from time to time with a view to maintaining uniformity in submitting various proposals for approval of the Cabinet. The latest being Circular No. GDC-Cir/2012-13/SB dated 16.11.2015. These instruction include A4 size white paper to be used. Computer typed using 14 size font of Microsoft Word. Each para of the Memorandum to be numbered.Date to be mentioned below the signature of the Administrative Secretary.Each page to be authenticated by the Administrative Secretary.Memoranda to be presented with clarity/precession, and their length should be restricted to about 7-8 pages at the maximum.Views of the departments, like finance, Planning and Law to be recorded clearly and preferably in a different font. Minimum 30 copies of the Memorandum to be submitted to the Cabinet Section of the General Administration Department. Number of pages in the memoranda included annexures to be mentioned in the covering letter. Annexures/Appendices should also be neatly typed in the same font size as a Memorandum instead of mechanically attaching photocopies of various documents which are not legible. Memorandum should be enclosed with a brief statement containing gist of the reasons and the material on which decision of the Cabinet is sought, Summery of the proposal on the proforma are annexed with the memorandum to facilitate objective analysis and appreciation of the proposals by the Cabinet. Besides, while examining the proposals it has been observed that the resolution part of the memorandum is not properly drafted and such cases are returned to the departments for recasting the draft resolutions resulting in delay which is avoidable. The Cabinet memorandum are also submitted to the General Administration department one day or even on the same day of schedule cabinet meeting which gives little time to critically examine the proposals, obtain the approval of the HonT3le Chief Minister for inclusion of memorandum in the agenda for the Cabinet Meeting and circulation among the Council of Ministers. Rule 19 of the J&K Government Business Rules provides that after the agenda showing the case to be discussed in the Cabinet meeting has been approved by the Chief Minister, Copies thereof - together with copies of such memoranda—shall be sent by the Secretary to Cabinet to the Chief Minister and other Ministers so as to reach them two Clear days before the date of such meeting. All the Administrative Secretaries are enjoined upon to observe aforementioned instruction while submitting the memorandum for approval of the Cabinet and it should be ensured that the memorandum are sent to the General Administration Department at least seven days before the meeting.