Policy for regularization of Casual Labourers & other workers

golden yug
[ June 30, 2017 ] The progress achieved by the committee constituted Vide G.O. No. 65 of 2016 dated 03.03.2016 to look into magnitude/ extent of problems relating to casual workers i.e. financial, legal and administrative that may arise in regularization of such workers was reviewed by Chief Secretary, J&K in a meeting held on 22.06.2017. The issue was deliberated in detail and it was felt that any headway in the matter shall be possible only, once the number of such persons is firmed-up. Administrative Secretaries of various departments as were present in the meeting were given instructions to invariably ensure that the registration of these workers shall be done online within the closing date i.e. 15th July, 2017and the information (both hard & Soft Copies) shall be submitted to the Finance Department by 31st of July, 2017.The issues pertaining to re-engagement of National Youth Corps (NYC"s), engagement of Land donors and regularizations of ITI trained casual labourers were discussed by the committee in particular and following decisions were taken All the departments shall certify that all eligible NYC"s has been registered online and shall ensure that no eligible case is left out.All the concerned Departments shall furnish information to the Finance Department positively by 31st of July, 2017 regarding such land donors as have donated land to Govt, w.e.f 01.01.2002 and have not been paid any compensation or employment. The departments shall furnish separate information in respect of ITI trained casual labourers to Finance Department, in addition to uploading of information online in respect of these workers by 15th of July, 2017 under "Casual Labour" category.