PWD roads unlikely to bear burnt of forthcoming Monsoon

Shubham Sharma
[ July 04, 2017 ] Jammu’s roads are far from ready for the monsoon that is scheduled to hit the city within few days. All road repair work in Jammu was supposed to be completed, but several stretches are still filled with potholes and the water logging problem is also status quo. The roads from Jewel road (main road of the city) to canal road and from canal road to Bakshi Nagar bridge via Regional Research Laboratory (RRL), Jammu is full with potholes and contractors are enjoying patronage of the concern officers of the division whereas they are supposed to maintain the roads in good conditions as per the terms and conditions of the contract. The poor vision of the concerned division is highly condemnable. They lack vision and sincerity of purpose and example of the same is water logging adjacent to the main gate of the SPMR College of commerce and middle of road from RRL to Bakshi Nagar Bridge. Poor citizens are being forced to walk in the middle of roads risking their lives, having no footpaths. Sad part of the story is that the higher officials of PWD Jammu beside others daily travels from the same roads but with closed eyes. Still there is hope before ensuing monsoon; potholes are filled through contractor who is otherwise bound to do the same as per contract obligations. As per rules, a road made using bituminous cannot be constructed again before three years. If there is damage before this period, it has to be repaired by contractor free of cost. However, because of the nexus between contractors and officials, roads languish with potholes and the problem of water logging still not resolved. It is also mandatory for the agencies to fix all potholes and there is no water logging on roads. The city of temples recently included in the list of smart cities headed by the officials who are least bother about the present regime. Accumulation of water on the roads becomes a major problem for the tourists and passenger vehicles, as the authorities have turned a blind eye towards the issue. Two days of continuous rainfall caused water logging of various places in the city putting people to inconvenience. This has exposed district administration"s lack of preparedness for unseasonal rain in the city."Ponds have appeared everywhere in the city. The authorities concerned have virtually failed to perform their duties accordingly; they have to fold their trousers to come out of the vehicles. Vehicles in the center were seen struggling through the muddy water while pedestrians were seen finding a brick here and there to cross the roads. Water-logged exposed how government-at even the basic level-was responding to such situations. Despite assurances from the government of improving drainage system of the congested roads in Jammu city, water logging triggered by incessant rains continues to trouble shopkeepers and residents in Jammu. During slight showers, the roads get submerged in water owing to lack of proper drainage system. However shopkeepers of the area approached the concerned authorities many times but nothing concrete has been done so far. Even Science College and Commerce College are hit by water-logging problem as water entered into both colleges creating trouble for students as well as staff of the colleges. After heavy rains, the road and both college turns into pond. Whenever Jammu witnesses rain, this is the first area to get submerged in water. Not only students face problem in commuting to college, but the overflowing of drainage and floating of polythene and other garbage gets scattered across the college premises, causing problem for the students as well as college staff.