Shubham Sharma
[ July 06, 2017 ] Heated argument between Jammu and Kashmir Minister Imran Ansari and the opposition National Conference leader Devender Rana led to the disturbance in the special assembly session of Jammu and Kashmir which was called by Governor to discuss the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST). Jammu and Kashmir assembly on Wednesday adopted a resolution to implement the goods and services tax (GST), bringing the state’s indirect taxation into the new unified tax regime that the rest of the country adopted on 1 July at a landmark ceremony in Parliament. Goods and Services Tax (GST) was delayed in the state of Jammu and Kashmir because of the unhygienic politics in the state. Opposition shaped the implementation of GST in state as a war between Jammu and Kashmir because of the confusion created by the opposition and the ruling coalition was also failed to address the real issues faced by the business community .It was the statutory responsibility of the government to take all the three regions of the state into confidence while implementing the GST. Jammu region who wanted the implementation of GST in the state but on the other hand Kashmir region opposed it. The fight between two region leads to the delay in the implementation of the GST in the state. Opposition has also played an important role in its delay. Opposition leaders played double standards in the implementation ,those who were against the implementation of GST has himself already obtained the unique GST ID for the businesses they owned ,as an example the opposition leader Devender Rana who was opposing the GST has himself already obtained the GST ID for the business he owns including Jamkash Vehicleades, TakeOne Television and M/S JK Vehicleades (Udhampur) in Jammu and only for the sake of dirty politics he was opposing the new tax regime in Kashmir. These politicians have to clear their stand over GST, when he has already registered his companies including Jamkash Vehicleades, TakeOne Television, M/S JK Vehicleades (Udhampur) under GST, what moral ground he has to question the implementation of the new tax regime in the State. While on one hand businessmen-politicians of the opposition made hue and cry and opposed GST in the House on the other they have already registered their businesses under GST. According to the sources, unique GST IDs including 01AACCT0949E2ZS, 01AACJ9126D1ZE and 01AABCJ7387D1ZS have already been generated under GST in the name of companies owned by Mr Rana and his family. Mr. Rana is not the only case , former Finance Minister and senior National Conference leader, Abdul Rahim Rather"s son Hilal Ahmad Rather has already registered his companies under GST and the IDs generated are 01AAHCS920632ZD for Simula Software Solutions Research Centre Pvt Ltd and also for Simula Software Industry under the GST ID 10AAHCS9206J2ZD. It is an irony that while Mr Rahim Rather is vehemently opposing GST in Kashmir, his son Hilal Rather has already got all his businesses in Jammu registered under the new tax regime. While on one hand these businessmen-turned NC leaders have already got their businesses registered under GST, on the other they tried to set the State on fire as they have no stakes in Kashmir as their businesses are based in Jammu. They befooled people with their hollow slogans which lead to delay. The hypocrisy and the double-standards of the opposition leads only to confusion and making people of Jammu and Kashmir to suffer on every front. There is a need of an hour to stop making things difficult for the people of Jammu and Kashmir who have already suffered immensely on every front. We must take a conscious decision which is in the interest of Jammu and Kashmir.