Outsourcing Safaikaramcharies in hospitals futile exercise, engaged without any codal formality

[ March 01, 2017 ] The engagement of safaikaramcharis by Principal Medical College Hospital lacks transparency as safaikaramcharis have been engaged without making public the procedure of engagement, be it timing, wages and mode of payment. As per the record available, the then Principal Medical College, Dr Zahid H Geelani approved the engagement of 60 safaikaramcharis for the cleanliness of Super Speciality Hospital. As per the negotiation between contractor and Principal, safaikaramcharies were to work in three shifts. It deserves mentioning here that one M/S Jammu Sanitation Club, Subash Nagar Jammu whose contract was already in progress in other hospitals of city was given only one month approval on the pretext of checking the performance as per the requirements of Hospital authorities which is surprising as the contractor who is already serving safaikaramcharis was given one month time for analyzing his performance was only an eye wash to claim transparency and concern. Where as it has been claimed by the patients and attendants altogether that the cleanliness in hospital toilets remains out of order as one cannot go for bathroom what to speak of utilizing toilet facilities. Moreover no detail is available on what charges these safaikaramcharis have been engaged by hospital administration. As per the sources, Hospital administration (GMC/Super Speciality Hospital) spent Rs 78 lacs on sanitation from outsourcing in the year 2015-16 and Medical College Rs 41.95 lacs and Rs 32 lacs in 2016-17, SMGS Hospital Rs 6439755. Whereas sanctioned posts of Safaikaramcharis in all the hospitals in city include 54 at Govt Medical Colege/Super Speciality Hospital Jammu, 109 at SMGS Hospital, 183 at Govt Medical College Hospital Jammu. It is surprising to note that despite this sanctioned strength in hospitals, hospital authorities outsource safaikaramcharis and spend huge funds but the hygiene level inside hospitals has never ever been satisfactory particularly the toilets and bathrooms inside hospitals. It is matter of serious investigation and enquiry how the contracts were delivered in favor of contractors as there was no codal formality followed to ensure transparency as this is tax payer’s money and account of every single penny should be put into public domain. No one can deny the fact that the hygiene level at any of the Govt hospitals is not worth considering and attendants can’t stay to attend their patients beyond the considerable time. So if such a huge manpower has been deputed to ensure cleanliness in hospitals why the level of hygiene could not be lifted as a question which raises doubts as if when they are paid why their work is not satisfactory and why hospital authorities wasting hard earned tax payers money. Same is the case with other hospitals in the city be it Sarwal hospital or Gandhi Nagar hospital every where the cleanliness level is all the same where patients and their attendants say that instead getting rid of patient’s ailments one is forced to take away new set of infections and diseases after one pays visit to Govt hospitals in city. Both hospital administration and Govt should take this issue on priority as cleanliness is next to Godliness and every work to be executed should be in public domain so that public may know who is doing and what job for them and they also have fundamental right to seek the right use of their taxes which they pay with a hope that this money will be spent on their development.