Fake Journalists misusing Press Identity Cards

golden yug
[ July 08, 2017 ] You will feel amaze to know that if you make out or observe few moments on roads especially in Jammu city you can notice and witness that every Tom Dick and Harry has press identity cards hanging on front of their motorcycles. In temple city you can get a vehicle after every five minutes with pendulous or hanging down loosely boards PRESS in a italic bold letters but when you get to nearer you may find all unusual and unlike. The word "Press" written on private vehicles in are widely being misused as several vehicles were seen moving on roads without any check. Department of Information did not issue any permission to anyone including some registered journalists for any use of word "Press" or any logo on their vehicles. Department should take up the matter with concerned authorities and in case anyone found violating rule should be dealt in accordance to law.In this competitive era, where our PM talks about Digital India and Make in India and promoting Aadhar Card as all important document, all media persons should be brought under the preview of Aadhar Card to ensure transparency in their working. To raise the quality and power of Information identity cards, the rules should be framed in the department so that it becomes rule book and provider and seeker get satisfaction for those who don’t have accredited cards. If there is clause that Editor can’t apply for accreditation card, same should be applied for his family members who apply for the card by terming themselves correspondent and if he is real journalist and has worked and written stories and news items in the public interest, his experience of five years should be from other newspaper as the family members can manage stories written by others by paying them and using their own name with the stories written by others for them. What could be termed as most unfortunate for the Jammu and Kashmir state where even the fourth pillar of democracy has not been spared by corrupt and power greedy people that impersonates themselves as journalists despite having political backgrounds and no affiliation with any media house. The heights of their cheapness and fearlessness can be best gauged by the fact that this fake journalist group has allegedly associated itself with an association running outside Jammu and Kashmir under the name and style of ‘Journalist Association of India (JAI)’ and have even recently appointed their self-styled president namely Deepu Singh Ranotra who is a well known politician remained associated with couple of political parties including Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).The group which is now having its so called Jammu president comprises of politicians, shopkeepers and businessmen’s besides has also settled down terms well known to its members with an online web portal again operating from some other state for the sake of Press Identity Cards. Just to build up their impression and influence over the police and political system, the group is regularly issuing statements through press releases in media duly undersigned by the ‘President Jammu, Journalist Association of India (JAI) Deepu Singh Ranotra’.Now the question arising is that how the association which is running outside the state become valid in Jammu and Kashmir despite article 370 and how the elections for the post of president were conducted without issuing any notification for the same in the print and electronic media. Sources privy the JAI uttered that no notification was issued in any section of media inviting nomination for the elections as there are many senior journalist in the Jammu that are practicing journalism from decades. Sources further disclosed that the normal procedure of the election was also not followed by the group as no returning officer was appointed for holding elections which also raises question mark over the actual managing/administrative body of the association, as how this unlawfully elected president was accepted by it and why it didn’t asked them to publish notification inviting nomination in local media so that all willing journalists could participate in the elections. If sources are to be believed the group has made journalism a way to earn easy money by impersonating themselves as top level journalists of the state having association with JAI in front of police officials, politicians and other departments besides is also selling association and press cards on heft payment which needs immediate investigation as these cards could reach to anti social elements thus a threat perception also.