JMC playing cat & mice game with Jammu residents

golden yug
[ July 08, 2017 ] Jammu Municipal Corporation is responsible for Jammu’s haphazardly growth still living in fool’s paradise despite recent orders from honable High court. On ground level JMC is incapable to improve and ensure free spaces for motorist and pedestrians. Just to save their skin time and again by issuing advertisements under the head notice and final notice. On the ground level no efforts are made to ensure implementation of with stated honable High Court’s order. Just Gummat stairs behind Jammu Municipal Commissioner’s office known as Khokha market is not free for pedestrians and JMC headquarter to Raghunath temple there is no space left by the shopkeepers on the footpaths. Stone throw away distance from JMC Commissioner’s office adjoining to Vardhaan Hotel a shopping complex throwing to wind JMC building by laws and ignoring honable High Court’s above mention order . JMC with vested interest allowing the building to be constructed. As per the official replies of the JMC, Jewel to Science College footpath is hundred percent occupied by reheriwalas. As long as JMC officers are sticking to their chairs in the air conditioner rooms nothing is going to be change for betterment of Jammu people despite orders of Honable High Court and for administration knowledge Vardhaan Hotel ( below Gummat ward no. 15) , NIMBARK Organic store , Gramin Bank , JK Bank ,and Vermani shopping mall at Channi Himmat , Karan hotel at Bakshi Nagar, Pawan Ice cream at Akhnoor road , Pahalwan and Nathu sweet shops at Gandhi Nagar are some names of establishments openly violating orders of Honable High Court.