Commissioner JMC’s subordinates disobeying his orders

R.S Jamwal
[ July 10, 2017 ] As and when JMC bosses are free from tender works they advise Jammuites to keep their city neat and clean. But at the same time, people advocating to keep city of temples clean and green are unable to convince to their subordinates to keep JMC headquarters neat and clean. The city of temples recently included in list of smart cities till day have no policy with regard to garbage dustbins as replied by Health officer JMC.In Ward 29 only five spots JMC identified as garbage collection points and there are equal numbers of unidentified areas where employees of JMC are gathering garbage of the area in open violating norms of National Green Tribunal as well as inviting numerous diseases to take place in the areas. Residents of the area complaints the matter was reported to Health Officer JMC but all in vain. In the Wards where JMC garbage collection trucks collect garbage leaves the area scattered with remaining garbage and no lime stone is sprinkled and on enquiry the concerned staff informed that supervisors and Sanitary Inspectors are not providing the same. In all Wards, Nallahas and Nallies filled with garbage and on papers JMC spending more than two crores on their desilting. Timely if no action is taken, the city is going to be infected by diseases that usually takes place during rainy season. Notwithstanding Prime Minister repeated thrust on coordination among different agencies in executing developmental works, and to keep all the areas clean and green under flagship programme Swachh Bharat Mission, various departments and agencies after misusing the Swachh Bharat Misson funds indulged in the blame-game instead of working in a coordinated manner to complete the works within the stipulated time-frame and without creating difficulties for the people. “Instead of following the mantra of the Prime Minister, who is very keen to ensure that people don’t face any problem during the execution of developmental works and developmental activities don’t become health hazards for them, the concerned agencies be it NBCC and ERA, JMC or other Government departments have been preferring to shift blames on each other for the delay in the sewer line cleanliness works and restoration of dug-up roads, lanes and by-lanes.