Shubham Sharma
[ July 10, 2017 ] Minister Health busy in welcoming Shri Amarnath Ji Yatries in huge posters and banners displayed across Jammu city forgetting his real job to provide basic amenities to patients visiting Govt Medical College Jammu. At OPD GMC registration counter, daily hundreds of patients visiting for getting themselves registered but during scorching heat and humidity ceiling fans found out of order. As a ritual as and when an officer wishes, they issue orders to their subordinates to be punctual. Counter No.7 X-ray registration was found closed today at 8:30 am, spiral CT and MRI section besides Digital Radiography. Cleanliness works starts at 8am but without use of phenyl etc making area unbreathable was going on and on an enquiry informed that nothing is provided to make the area infection free. Moreover OPD patients are not provided free medicines as being claimed by department time and again that free medicines are provided in Govt hospitals where as here in GMC medicines for BP are not available at the concerned counters. On enquiry it was found that patients were asked to see Medical Superintendent for free medicines which is great shame and major setback to Prime Minister’s initiative of making India healthy. Everybody is well acquainted with discrimination with J&K State due to its special status followed by huge discrimination with in regions also. Many readers may not believe it that the diet which is being made available to patients in Govt hospitals is highly discriminatory when we compare our state with rest of states. Unlike other states J&K has failed to come out with any welfare scheme where it can ensure at least food items at cheap and affordable rates. But contrary to above, both health department and hospital authorities have failed to utilize their services notwithstanding the fact that there are two posts of dietitian each at Govt Medical College, super Specialty Hospital and at SMGS hospital. Not only this, there are six posts of Kitchen attendants at SMGS and Medical College respectively. It is unfortunate to note that despite manpower at its command why the hospital authorities so reluctant to undertake the work at its own which will save both money and dishonesty. J&K Govt must take lessons from states like Tamil Nadu and Madya Pradesh who are supporting poverty and below poverty line population by opening food canteens, drinking water and other basic necessities at cheap rates but one can understand that it is difficult task in J&K as the govt which fails to ensure proper ration quota to its population will find it difficult to enter into such venture.