Lack of economic viability affecting Dogri language in Jammu

Shubham Sharma
[ July 15, 2017 ] Many people are not even aware of the Dogri language. Many get confused with Punjabi. But the language has its own identity and there is need to make the youths aware of it. Collective efforts must be made to promote Dogri culture and language. Every language has its own history and relevance and all out efforts should be made to preserve the composite culture and languages of the State. Need of the hour is to preserve our culture and we should inculcate moral values and create interest in our children so that they carry forward the rich heritage of Dogri culture. Dogri language, like other minor languages in the country, is facing challenges, especially due to onslaught of globalization and entertainment media. These challenges of the modern times could be converted into opportunities if appropriate planning and inspiring work is done in Dogri. Artists and writers should produce films and serials in Dogri to create interest among the younger generation. Dogri Language which got status in eighth schedule of Indian Constitution in 2004 been asked to be taught at primary level by an order of J&K Government in 2006 but Kashmir centric leadership didn’t implement that order with true spirit. Unfortunate that BJP who claims itself as well wisher of the Jammu people, has deceived them by not providing right status to Dogri Language despite being a coalition partner in state.Dogri is an Indo-Aryan language spoken by about five million people in India and Pakistan, chiefly in the Jammu region of Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh, but also in northern Punjab, other parts of Jammu and Kashmir, and elsewhere. Dogri speakers are called Dogras, and the Dogri-speaking region is called Duggar . It is very unfortunate that there are no proper facilities for teaching Dogri language in Jammu & Kashmir there are also number of schools in Jammu region but Dogri is taught in only few institutions. Dogri was neglected many times, recently the State Government was secretly planned introduction of Kashmiri Language as a Subject in the colleges across Jammu division. Jammu divisions where Dogri is speaking and people hardly speak and understand Kashmiri language. There is great need of an hour to take up this issue for consideration without delay so that the Dogri language which is in 8th schedule of the Indian Constitution is not eliminated from the list of languages due to the conspiracy planed by Kashmiri rulers. The Department of Higher Education in the J&K Government has ordered conversion of 49 existing vacancies of Assistant Professors for Kashmiri Language and Literature. According to the Government order number 399 HE of 2017, dated 04-07-2017, sanction has been accorded for conversion of 74 vacancies, out of 492 existing vacancies of Assistant Professors in Higher Education Department, as on date. While 49 vacant posts of Assistant Professors have been converted for Kashmiri Language/Literature, 25 others have been converted for Vocal/Instrumental/Classical Music. The Dogri should be included as a compulsory subject in all the colleges of Jammu Province not Kashmiri. At present, Dogri is at the verge of extinction, Dogri as a spoken language is losing its hold over the general public, particularly among the younger generation. The most prominent reason for the extinction of a language that language was not promoted in the schools. Government is well aware of the fact that Jammu and Kashmir consists of three regions Jammu, the Kashmir Valley and Ladakh where the people of Jammu region speaks Dogri , Kashmir region speaks Kashmiri and Ladakh region speaks Ladakhi , despite being aware of the fact only a fool can made these type of decision. Now, government has to answer the questions that on what basis they are going to introduce Kashmiri Language as a Subject in the colleges across Jammu division?