Opposition unity stands exposed in Presidential election

Shubham Sharma
[ July 17, 2017 ] It is well known to everyone that politicians work and behave more like lawyers. Just like any lawyer never gives up nor allows his client to think other way till the final judgement despite the fact that after going through the details he knew at the beginning whether there is any ground for the victory of his client or not , yet he lingers on to save his profession and earn his livelihood . Similarly it was witnessed when Ram Nath Kovind was set for an easy win in election for the next President of India versus Meira Kumar, with the ruling BJP-led National Democratic Alliance confident that the former Bihar Governor will get about 70 per cent of the votes. Former Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar has been fielded by the opposition, which has pitched the contest as a battle of ideologies. The presidential poll this time is historic. A 17-member bloc of opposition parties had announced Meira Kumar"s candidacy days after the BJP named its nominee. PM Modi"s choice of a Dalit candidate was seen as to divide the opposition and keep allies together as well as a move to consolidate its growing support among politically vital backward castes. By also fielding a Dalit leader, the opposition retained the support of Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati, who draws her core support from the community. Indian politics made this Presidential election a fight between the most qualified Dalit’s i.e. your Dalit vs. my Dalit. Opposition was very well aware of the fact that Kumar"s defeat in Monday"s polls was almost certain. Her rival, NDA candidate Ram Nath Kovind, has nearly 70 percent votes. Kumar is unlikely to break the ruling coalition"s unity. With around 30per cent votes, she is likely to lose by a huge margin. Despite being aware of all the facts about Kumar’s defeat, the opposition only for the sake of politics nominated Meira Kumar for the post of President. It is Kovind who have the magic numbers not opposition’s Meira Kumar which was required to win the election .Opposition deliberately becomes the hurdle in Kovind’s victory and not let him to win unopposed. If Kovind would have won the election unopposed, the burden on exchequer could have been reduced because after voting, ballot boxes from the states will be flown to Delhi and stored in Room 62 in Parliament this all needs money and that was taxpayer’s money. These types of practices were not new in politics in last presidential election BJP did the same?