Killing of army Major by soldier eye-opener, demands serious introspection

Golden yug
[ July 18, 2017 ] The killing of an army Major by a soldier after his alleged rebuking by Major as soldier is not supposed to use mobile on their duty. The soldier out of rage shot several bullets on the Major following which he died on the spot. When we look at the recent past such incidents have hit the news headlines as some of them openly came out in public domain with their grievances. Army chief taking serious cue of this had launched website for the army personnel to register their grievances and also ensured them that their grievances will be timely and suitably listen. These types of acts will bring bad name to the worlds highly professional and principally discipline army. This particular incident is reminiscent of the fact that something is seriously wrong with regard to facilitate army personnel who are on duty outside their home away from their families for months together. This is a very serious issue and both home departments along with other consult departments should immediately come out with welfare means so that they may not fell frustrated, agitated while on their duty. This may have serious repercussion as those who are guarding our borders to ensure integrity and the sovereignty of the country should be cool, composed and dedicated towards their duties to bring out positive results. Though the step taken by Army Chief to listen to the grievances of soldiers is a welcome step but at the same time Army Chief also needs to analyze what leads to such an unfortunate scenario where security personnel out of frustration either kill self or kill their seniors. The need of an hour is to go to the root cause of the problem before it gets too late for any further reaction. In this competitive era where everybody is deeply attached to their nearer and dearer ones through the network of social sites beat Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter etc. at the same time those who are busy in altogether and important task of defending the country are deprived of them resulting in losing their cool and leading to such a situation where the incident of today’s like are bound to happen. If government keeps on making their duty hard such incidents will more likely be frequent and in a short period of time may turn on ugly face which will never ever in interest of countrymen who are already facing tough challenge from its hostile neighbors like Pakistan and China.