Power Minister lacks interest, vision and time to improve Power Sector

Shubham Sharma
[ July 19, 2017 ] If BJP-PDP government cannot give sufficient electricity to the Jammu region in this crucial period then what is the worth of electing this useless government. There are senior citizens, children, patients cannot bear blazing heat, then how can they survive without electricity? Majority of the officers on being approached by the public after repeated attempts, usually express ignorance about the reasons behind the unscheduled and prolonged curtailments and try to pass the bucks on others. Unfortunately, the entire power system, managed by bureaucrats and controlled by politicians has gone from bad to worse with every passing day. A system that sustains more than 60% loss due to theft alone has not been allowed to be 100% metered due to the vested interests including political and has ignored the GOI directions (for more than 20-Yrs) to carry out Energy Audit to pin-point the reasons and the source of trouble, is destined to collapse. Although, hundreds of crores of rupees have been spent yet there is no visible improvement in both quantity and quality of powers supply.At a time when whole of the Jammu region relying under scorching heat where temperature is hovering at more than 45 degree Celsius unscheduled power cuts have made the life of common man a living hell . Notwithstanding, the frequent protest altogether by young old children particularly women those in rural areas after finishing their kitchen work wants some rest under ceiling fan but unfortunately their eyes having kept on waiting , waiting and waiting . This sufferings gets compounded when they have to attempt the children in the scorching heat same is the condition with old persons and children like. However, Jammu administration all of sudden moved from the offices to show that they are concern with the power crises and accordingly under the direction of DC Jammu paid a visit at Nanak Nagar area of Jammu to see if there are any illegal connections in the area . This seems more of a cosmetic step and an eyewash action as government is well known of the fact that there are illegal connections and who is helping them to get the connections but visited only Nanak Nagar area was aimed to save their skin as the administration is under the huge pressure to take care of power crises in the city. There are hundreds of areas where power persiflage is going on with the help of lineman’s who with the blessings of their seniors providing cheapest electricity to such consumers whose connections are illegal as the revenue so generated there in wholly – sole going in their personal pockets . Time has come to seriously act against the violators and those who are responsible in this act. Every official who involved in this nexus must be punished henceforth. Jammu administration must take cue from the DC Rajouri whose action is visible on the ground where he identified hundreds of illegal connections resulting in generation of revenue in lacs in a single day. Jammu administration needs to wake up from the slumber to address the issues. It is highly unfortunate a part of Deputy Chief Minister Dr. Nirmal Singh who has miserably failed to take any steps to provide relief to the people of Jammu region from unscheduled power cuts. The condition in rural areas has a reach to such a point where people will shortly find their way in the Dark Age era as there is one hour power supply followed by one hour power cut and this goes on from morning to next morning. Deputy Chief Minister Dr. Nirmal Singh needs to answer how one can live with such a schedule of power supply where invertors backup if there are any in the rural areas do not last more than half an hour after the power supply goes off after every hour .