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[ July 20, 2017 ] As per the sources, meeting held on 18.07.2017, Govt has directed Chief Engineers to furnish the complete lists, in original, in all respects of ITI Trained Workers, Land Donors, C.P. Workers and Casual Labourers in consolidated form of each division duly certified by the concerned Executive Engineer and countersigned by concerned Chief Engineer within two days. The concerned Executive Engineer shall certify that none of the eases has been left out and in case, any such case comes to the notice of the Administrative Department later on, the concerned Executive Engineer shall be held responsible for the same and action as warranted under rule B shall be initiated against him/her. However a large number of complaints had been received regarding non payment of wages to the CSLWs engaged by various departments. While the Government fully appreciates the need, to regularly pay the wages/ compensation for work done/ service rendered, yet, experience shows that large number of such CSLWs have being engaged by various subordinate functionaries at the field level without any defined requirement/ criteria and without following any transparent mechanism. Such a practice is fraught with avoidable costs to the State exchequer apart from resulting in claims of these workers for regularization in Government services, since such engagements are continued for years together. In the circumstances, a need was felt to impose complete ban on engagement of Casual/Seasonal and Need Based Workers in all Government departments including State owned PSUs and necessary orders for withdrawing existing delegation of powers are being issued separately in 2015 vide No.A/Misc/2015-364 dated 17-3-2015. Accordingly, all the Administrative Secretaries and the Managing Directors of all State Owned PSUs were advised to ensure that not a single Casual/Seasonal/Need Based Worker is engaged under any circumstances henceforth without the prior specific approval of the Chief Secretary, after the matter has been examined in the Finance Department to assess the need/ justification for the same. Any deviation from the aforesaid directions shall be attributed to the defaulting Administrative Secretaries/ Managing Directors/ Heads of Departments and shall attract severe consequences. Govt needs to ensure the complete ban in letter and spirit as despite the clear directions from top court of country and High Court such a practice continued putting the careers of thousands of such casual workers at stake by engaging them without codal formalities and resulting in undue burden on state chequer and also playing with the lives of so engaged and their families.