Allowed conversion of cattle pond at Gandhi Nagar into JMC Quarter

golden yug
[ July 21, 2017 ] Staying in JMC accommodation despite having own accommodation Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) is achieving new heights with every passing day but unfortunately in negative sense as it has been observed that there is no wrong work in world which JMC can’t do and whose examples are already there in public domain but to support officials with residence that too in posh area like Gandhi Nagar is too much to bear as Govt which is already running short of accommodation to adjust its VIPs/ officials in govt such a kindness on part of JMC only proves that there is no order of working any of its wing resulting in huge loss to exchequer managing their personal pockets intact. It deserves mentioning here that stray cattle roaming on the national highway are posing a serious threat to vehicles moving on high speed as drivers face abrupt appearance of the animals on road which at times results in fatal accidents. The Jammu Municipal Corporation’s (JMC) anti-animal squad captures these cattle several times but in absence of any facility to keep them they release them later after charging from the owners of such animals as a fine for letting open their animals in the crowded areas and these again flock the roads, particularly the national highway due to no proper place to keep them and not returning such animals to owners so that they can be taught the lesson for letting loose their animals creating nuisance for general public and even inviting serious road mishaps on the roads. The problem is not confined to the highway only. In Jammu city, stray animals can be seen creating problem to people on various roads. Despite this becoming a menace, there was only one functional cattle pond in the city at Gandhi Nagar. The proposal to set up a modern facility in Dili area on the outskirts of Jammu was shelved after the locals objected to the JMC’s move and non-availability of sufficient land at the site. Cattle ponds at Rehari and Gandhi Nagar have capacity of 15 and 20 cattle respectively and they are filled to capacity most of the times thus forcing the staff to release the captured animals within hours back on roads for want of space. The city has grown from 30 sq km in 1980 to 112 sq km but the administration has not been able to meet new demands with the growing area. Another thing is that the surroundings villages of Jammu city still rely on cattle rearing for milk and for livelihood. However JMC present Joint Commissioner (Adam) RS Jamwal joined the JMC on 1-9-2015. During his tenure Jamwal shifted the animal pond to Dogra Hall Jammu and ordering the same be converted the existing pond at Gandhi Nagar Jammu into constructing residential building using his influence and blessing of concerned Minister first managed to raise JMC residential flat worth cores of rupees without floating the tender. Later Joint Commissioner with the connivance of concerned Minister managed the said JMC accommodation namely JMC Quarter 10 allotted on his name ahead of his retirement on 31-7-2017 from JMC on permanent basis using his influence probably with the consent of former JMC Commissioner Mandeep Kour besides full patronage of concerned Minister. Not only this Joint Commissioner is having one house at Tope Sherkhania worth 35 lacs in 2013, six kanals land worth 60 lacs as per his property statement given in 2013, 10 marlas plot at Babliana purchased on his wife name. JMC quarter number 10, a double story building has been constructed by the Executive Engineer ( construction division Trikuta complex ) without floating the tender and allotted the work to the other agency worth rupees one crore . Beside Jamwal allotted two shops at ware house Jammu to his blood relations by violating the norms, he also allotted the flats to his close relatives in Sunjwan which was constructed for the weaker section of the society. In light of the above facts, providing JMC accommodation to him is highly unfortunate as right now Govt is already short of accommodation to adjust its top employees and spending worth cores on private accommodation, such a favour to Joint Commissioner is betrayal with genuine persons who deserve Govt accommodation. The government is contemplating to evacuate 550 government quarters and buildings occupied illegally by retired officials and former legislators for many years. “There is a clear direction from the Supreme Court to evacuate government quarters occupied by the retired government employees and legislators. We have to take a decision within days and we are chalking out modalities. Presently, 550 government quarters in the state are under the occupation of retired officials, former legislators, and politicians. Majority of the quarters, 500 to be precise, are occupied in Jammu (436 by former officials and 64 by former legislators). In Kashmir division, 50 quarters are under the occupation of the retired officials and politicians. On September 18 last year, the Supreme Court told the state governments to withhold the pension of the employees who continue to stay in the quarters after their retirement. The court came down heavily on unauthorized occupants of the government bungalows and accommodations and asked the government to employ all methods including arrest, suspension, dismissal from services, and initiate criminal prosecution against the unauthorized occupants of government bungalows to force them to vacate the accommodation. The Apex Court gave the directions to the state governments in no uncertain terms that it lacked guts to go after big fish like politicians and bureaucrats. The court had given directions to the state governments not only to file the response but also act against the offenders. Notwithstanding the rules and regulations and several verdicts for Supreme Courts and High Courts, Govt officials managing permanent Govt residence for them is a matter of serious concern and needs thorough investigation as such examples proves preference to near ones and thumb to deserving ones. In the interests of public such blue eyed officials need to be identified and accordingly should be booked under relevant sections to send a strong message to wrong doers.